Aeros Current Playoff Run Proves Houston's Dominance...In Tier Two Sports

The Aeros have won two championships in their two finals appearances, and they're just three games away from yet another championship. Looking at the city's track record, one would assume it's taken, say, seventy years or so to bring that many championships to the city of Houston. 

But it's taken them just seventeen seasons to win (hopefully) three championships.

Let's take a look at soccer. The Houston Dynamo came to town at the end of 2005. Their inaugural season was in 2006. They won the MLS Cup that very year. They then proceeded to repeat and win the MLS Cup in 2007. In 2008 and 2009, they lost in the Conference Semifinals and Conference Finals.

After only five years in Houston, they've won two championships and gone to the playoffs four times. 

How about the Houston Comets, arguably the most dominant dynasty to ever grace the city of Houston? The Comets won back-to-back-to-back-to-back championships. Four championships in eleven years ain't too shabby.

And then there were the leagues that actually matter in America. The sports that actually carry bragging rights. (Note: I'm not hating on soccer, but who really boasts about MLS Cups?)

If you take the Aeros, Comets, and Dynamo together, they've won eight championships in a combined thirty-two seasons. And if the Aeros win three more games, make that nine championships in thirty-three seasons. That's good for one championship ever four years. That's good for a 25% championship rate. That average is better than most of the hitters in the Astros lineup.

How exactly does that compare to the big dogs in town? Well, the Astros are currently 0 for 45 (0 for 46 if you're calling it for this year). The Texans are currently 0-9 (and have yet to make the playoffs...the Oilers are 2-36 if you count AFL championships). And the Rockets currently have brought the most credibility to the city of Houston, bringing in two championships in thirty-nine years. 

Combined, that's an astounding four championships in one-hundred and twenty nine seasons. Or .03 percent.

Yes, that's a pretty low percent for championships. Or maybe we're just spoiled with our second tier sports teams here in Houston. And no, I didn't count the Houston Energy, the three-time champions of the IWFL (Independent Women's Football League).

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