NBA Lockout: Owners, Players Tentatively Agree To End Lockout

The players and owners have tentatively agreed to end the lockout. The season is to begin on Christmas Day with free agency and training camp beginning Dec. 9.

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NBA Labor Update: David Stern Holds Firm To Wednesday Deadline

As the NBA lockout continues to drag into November, ultimatums and hardline tactics have been tossed around left and right by both owners and the players. However, the one man who seems to have stuck by his word (for better or worse) has seen commissioner David J. Stern.

SB Nation's own Mike Prada took an account of the latest musings from the NBA commissioner:

On the deadline: "We think there's a great offer on table, and we told the players, 'It's getting late.' The only rational thing is to make that deal b/c given what is going on in our business and our industry, it will get worse from there. We told the players ... an offer of 47% will become operative w/ hard cap in effect [if they don't accept."

On decertification: "I don't think it would affect it particularly much. The reality is that decertification route was tried by the NFL players and the court of appeals for 8th Circuit soundly rejected the attempt. I don't know what they're thinking."

On the owners being unified: "They're unified in their willingness to make this deal through Wednesday, then they'll be unified in willingness to negotiate the 47 percent proposal that goes on table at close of business Wednesday." In other words, they're unified because I said so.

On the cancellation of more games: "I don't want to say when we'll call off the season, because clearly we're not there yet and I don't want to make an idle threat."

Telling words from the man who works for the owners, should NBA fans cross their fingers to Wednesday being the day the madness ends? It seems that even Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski thinks so:

Adrian Wojnarowski
The NBA and NBPA are seriously discussing setting up a meeting for Tuesday to try and reach agreement on a labor deal, league source tells Y!

Let's keep hope alive people, at least for another 48 hours.

For more news from the NBA, check out the SB Nation NBA hub page.


NBA Lockout 2011 Update: It's Getting Ugly About The Money

Whooo, boy. Things are not going well in these early days of the NBA lockout. First, Nate Silver breaks news that the NBA owners may be exaggerating their real losses and then the players flatly reject the owners' books

This can't be said enough...this lockout is not the same as the NFL lockout. That one stemmed from an unpopular spit of revenue that made teams less profitable, not unprofitable. No one in the NFL was disputing that owners were raking in money hand over fist. All that was left was dividing up the big pile of money.

The NBA is not in the same situation. They may not be losing $300 million, but it's clear the NBA owners are not as well-to-do as their football counterparts. The NBA isn't in as big a markets and cannot just build new stadiums for the smaller teams. 

Plus, there's the little matter of team devaluation. The past few owners who sold teams in the NBA have lost quite a bit of money. All the franchises are being devalued every time that happens. As Bill Simmons said on his latest B.S. Report with Mike Lombardi, Comcast, who owns the Philadelphia franchise, looked at the team, the situation (where they own the building and the parking to go with it), and still found it untenable to own the NBA team. That's bad news in the long run for this league.

But, that doesn't mean the players need to get screwed. The solution lies somewhere in between, but with neither side trusting the one set of data they need to agree upon to even begin discussing compromises...this is going to be a long, arduous lockout. 


NBA Lockout 2011 Update: Both Sides Will Be Losers

Another double-dip of articles on the NBA lockout, as we look to the Philadelphia Daily News' John Smallwood talk about the players' attitude on what will happen in the end. Smallwood makes some valid points, but basically says that the players need to be prepared to lose.

That's not really news, since the players lost last time the owners locked them out too. But, that time, the players hadn't built up war chests like Billy Hunter had been telling them to do for the past two years. They were caught off-guard (as much as they could be) and started feeling the financial pressure much sooner than they will this time. That means this season is more in jeopardy than I originally anticipated.

Secondly, Henry Abbott fisks an article by Nate Silver in the New York Times. You'll be shocked to find out that the owners and the NBA executives may have been exaggerating when they claimed to lose $370 million last season. Pulling together financial information for all the independent sources he could find, Silver's best guess is that the NBA made a little money last season.

But, there's no question that belt-tightening is underway. As Abbott points out, the league office is not trimming down by not filling vacancies, eliminating positions with the NBA TV network and online at, as it transitions over to the Turner group. Also, the NBA draft is moving to a smaller location than in the past, which also suggest money trouble.

This dance will continue for awhile, but looking at both of these articles together, it's easy to see a wide gulf that won't get collectively bargained away in a small amount of time.


Billy Hunter: Lockout Will Happen, Sides Can't Reach Agreement

According to NBA Players’ Association head Billy Hunter, the NBA owners will lock the players out tonight after the current collective bargaining agreement expires. Both sides were set to meet for 12 hours today to try and hash out an agreement, but that ended abruptly when Hunter made his announcement this afternoon.

All league business is currently on hold, which means there will be no new free agents, no contract extensions and no trades. Also, if the lockout continues for too long, there is a chance games will be missed next season.

The last time the NBA had a lockout was 1998, when the season had to be shortened to 50 games. The players also lost that round of negotiating, but seem to be headed back to another impasse. According to another report Thursday, players should still receive checks until October, so that may be the breaking point for a deal to get done.

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