Rockets Rumors: Jared Jeffries Bought Out By Rockets, Will Likely Join Knicks

The Rockets figure to be very active in trade discussions as Thursday's trade deadline draws near.

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Rockets Transactions: Jared Jeffries Officially Bought Out

The Rockets and forward Jared Jeffries officially completed the buyout process today, per the New York Post’s Marc Berman. Jeffries will become a free agent after he clears waivers. Terms of the buyout were not immediately available.

It seems to be a foregone conclusion that the 6’11 forward will sign with the New York Knicks, possibly as soon as Sunday, Berman notes. The Sporting News is reporting that the Miami Heat, New Orleans Hornets, and Oklahoma City Thunder are also interested in signing Jeffries. He likely would play out the season on another one-year deal and become a free agent after the year.

The Rockets will gain a roster spot with the release of Jeffries, but it is currently unknown who they plan to target to replace him. NBA teams are allowed to carry 15 players on their roster, with three of them inactive for game day.


Rockets Rumors: Jared Jeffries A Likely Buyout Candidate

Now that the trade deadline is over and the expiring contract of Jared Jeffries has morphed from asset to sunk cost, Alan Hahn of Newsday is reporting that the Rockets and Jeffries are working on a buyout of his contract. Jeffries has played in just 18 games this season and has no role going forward with the Rockets becoming more and more of a rebuilding team.

He’s expected to have a strong interest in signing with the Knicks, who can use all the bodies they can get after swinging the massive Carmelo Anthony trade earlier this month. Jeffries was with the Knicks in 2010 before coming over in the Tracy McGrady deal. It’s unknown if there will be any other suitors for Jeffries once he hits the open market.

No word on who the Rockets would sign with the free roster spot, but they’ve probably got their eye on a couple of NBDL players.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Marcus Camby Is Your Sleeper Target

The Rockets always have one or two players on the radar that don’t quite see the light of day in trade rumors, for whatever reason. This season, that player is Trail Blazers center Marcus Camby. His name was first mentioned as part of a failed trade centered on Aaron Brooks according to Marc Stein of ESPN at around 1 PM.

But now Ken Berger of CBS Sports is reporting that the Rockets have redoubled their efforts to try and acquire Camby. Berger explains that Camby would not retire if traded to the Rockets because he makes his offseason home in Houston, which is a pretty nice segue.

However, Camby would definitely be a win-now move. The big man is already 36, and was never the picture of perfect health even when he was younger. It would be an interesting acquisition, to say the least.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Gerald Wallace In Play Still, Aaron Brooks Unlikely To Be Traded For Marcus Camby

We’re in the last hour, and the rumors are starting to come fast and furious.

The big news is that Gerald Wallace, who was once thought to be all but a Portland Trailblazer, is still sitting around in Charlotte. The Rockets, according to CBS’ Ken Berger, are “chomping at the bit” to make a deal, and have offered a package based around Shane Battier. However, Berger considers it likely that Wallace will remain with the Bobcats following a case of cold feet by Michael Jordan.

According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, the Rockets engaged the Trail Blazers in a conversation based around center Marcus Camby. Aaron Brooks would’ve gone to Portland in the proposed trade, but it sounds like the train has already left the station on this one. The lengths that Daryl Morey is willing to go to get his center are nearly frightening, as Camby has threatened to retire if he’s traded.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Rockets 'Trying Like Crazy' To Get Something Done

ESPN’s Chad Ford was asked if the Rockets would be making a move today in ESPN’s Daily Dime chat. His response? It’s not surprising if you’ve been following the proceedings.

They’re trying like crazy. Morey has been one of the most active GMs over the last month. He made a big push for Carmelo Anthony. Tried to pry Deron Williams away from Utah. Made an aggressive play for second tier players like Nene and Danny Granger. Even went after the KingsSamuel Dalembert. So far, he’s come up empty.

Wednesday evening a number of GMs reported receiving multiple texts/calls from Morey proposing trades — some big, some small, some outlandish.

“Everyone on their team is up for grabs,” one Western Conference GM told “Everyone.”

Over the course of the last 24 hours, we’re hearing the Rockets getting involved in smaller targets like Jonny Flynn and Hasheem Thabeet. I’d be shocked if something didn’t happen.

Looks like it might be down to just the small potatoes, Rockets fans. I’d be a little surprised if Morey wasn’t able to pull a rabbit out of his hat, just because we’re so accustomed to seeing it happen, but the big names don’t look like they’re coming this way.

It is a little interesting that Morey was making proposals that some GM’s thought were outlandish. To be a worker in a cell phone kiosk when he upgrades to a new plan would be fascinating.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Rockets Won't Get Samuel Dalembert

The Sacramento Kings have a nice problem that the Rockets don’t: two legitimate starting centers in Samuel Dalembert and DeMarcus Cousins. They don’t plan to remedy that problem either.

ESPN’s Chad Ford reports that though the Rockets were among many teams inquiring on Dalembert, the Kings are going to hold on to the big man for now. In fact, they might possibly give him a contract extension if you believe Ford. The Rockets, of course, are desperate for a center that can bring some real interior defense without Yao Ming.

So, like all big man rumors involving the Rockets that don’t start with Hasheem Thabeet, you can put this one to rest. No word on the response from the European team with the rights to Frederic Weis yet.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Want Courtney Lee? Prepare To Give Up A Big Man

According to Yahoo!‘s Adrian Wojnarowski, who should be getting royalty checks from this site, the Rockets are telling teams interested in Courtney Lee that they’ll have to be able to give them a talented big man to get the deal done.

This is pretty much solely aimed at the Chicago Bulls and Omer Asik as this point, and the Bulls have resisted the temptation to deal him to the Rockets so far. Lee would stand to see increased playing time if the Shane Battier-Hasheem Thabeet/Draft PIck deal comes to fruition. While other teams are surely interested in Lee, they’ve all stayed under the radar as compared to the Bulls, who have been rumored to be targeting Lee for at least a solid week.

There’s a little more than two hours to go. Will Lee get dealt?


Rockets Trade Rumors: Rockets Interested In Jonny Flynn

Chad Ford and Marc Stein of are reporting that the Rockets are ‘weighing’ whether to go ahead and trade for Timberwolves point guard Jonny Flynn before the trade deadline is up. Flynn has mostly been utilized off the bench this year, and he’s averaging 5.8 PPG and 3.3 APG. Despite the scoring punch in limited time, he’s had a lot of problems turning the ball over, and he’s one of the worst rebounders in the league.

If the Rockets were to trade for Flynn, it’s likely that Aaron Brooks would be moved elsewhere as he would be imminently expendable if Rockets brass liked Flynn enough to deal for him. More details on this one as they surface.

EDIT: Ken Berger of reports that either Brooks or Jared Jeffries is involved, and the two teams are also talking about draft picks. If Brooks is involved, it's likely that the picks will be coming to Houston. If it's Jeffries, then it'll likely be picks going the other way. 


Rockets Trade Rumors: Shane Battier To Memphis 'Has Legs'

Yahoo! trade savant Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that the earlier Memphis Commercial Appeal report regarding forward Shane Battier being dealt to the Grizzlies for center Hasheem Thabeet and a first round pick “definitely has legs,” according to a source in the negotations. Thabeet, the #2 overall pick in the 2009 draft, has averaged just 1.2 PPG and 1.7 RPG off the bench for the Grizzlies.

The Rockets, however, are desperate for help at center. This may be a situation where with players like Nene and Omer Asik off the market, the Rockets will have to gamble on someone who has proven nothing thus far. Thabeet could certainly benefit from a change of scenery, but there’s no evidence at this point that he’ll be anything other than six fouls a game in the NBA.

On the other hand, dealing Battier to Memphis is an interesting scenario. With Rudy Gay hurt, the Grizzlies clearly need someone like Battier to step in and help their playoff run. However, if the Grizzlies don’t move OJ Mayo, Battier will create a logjam at the wings: Gay, Battier, Mayo, and Xavier Henry. It seems like a good move for Memphis’ playoff hopes, but there’s also just a hint of the same desperation that had them deal for Ronnie Brewer last year.


Rockets Trade Deadline Rumors: Memphis Interested In Shane Battier, Bulls Not Upping Offer For Courtney Lee

There’s not a whole lot of smoke coming out about the Rockets deadline at this point, but that doesn’t mean Daryl Morey and company aren’t working furiously behind the scenes to pull a deal off. They’ll be very aggressive over the next 12-ish hours trying to get something done that their fans can be proud of. Until that comes up, here’s what we’ve got right now:

- The Grizzlies, according to Memphis radio host Chris Vernon, are interested in a Shane Battier for Hasheem Thabeet trade. No word if they’re only interested ironically or not yet. In future tweets, Vernon followed that up by saying that Houston would be getting more back than just Thabeet. As I read that, my OJ Mayo alarm is going off. Perhaps somebody else on the Grizzlies roster is appealing to the Rockets though. Battier would be going back to the only other team in the league that he’s played for in that scenario.

EDIT: According to the Memphis Commercial Appeal, the Rockets are asking for a first round pick in return and Thabeet in return for Battier. It's not known when the first round pick would be given, as the Jazz already have Memphis' first round pick this year if Memphis makes the playoffs. 

- The Bulls are still interested in both Courtney Lee and the aforementioned Mayo, but according to K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune, they won’t be dealing Omer Asik or Taj Gibson for either of them. Sitting pretty in the Eastern Conference, apparently the Bulls don’t think that Lee will be enough of a game-changer for them in the postseason to justify the trade.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Price For Gerald Wallace Is Expiring Contract And Protected First Rounder

ESPN’s Chad Ford is reporting that the Bobcats are shopping forward Gerald Wallace around the league. The Rockets are one of many teams, along with the Cavaliers, Clippers, Mavericks, and Pacers, who have inquired on Wallace.

The Bobcats are said to be asking for a protected first-round pick and expiring contracts. For the Rockets, they could potentially send the first round pick that the Knicks dealt them in 2012, which is likely to not be a lottery pick now that they have dealt for Carmelo Anthony, along with the contract of Jared Jeffries and some of the trade exception they have from moving Trevor Ariza to New Orleans.

Wallace’s shooting is way down this year for the Bobcats, and he’s 28 as of now. It would be up to Rockets GM Daryl Morey to determine if his shooting is a problem with Wallace or a problem with his role on the Bobcats. If he thinks Wallace is underperforming, this would be a pretty solid deal for the Rockets. If not, he’s probably not worth the trouble.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Bulls Hot On Courtney Lee Trail, Offering First Round Picks

According to Yahoo!'s deadline savant, Adrian Wojnarowski, the Rockets and Bulls are still bartering for Courtney Lee. The Rockets are holding out for Bulls backup center Omer Asik, who has been quite a revelation in limited minutes for the Bulls and would probably move into a prominent role with the Rockets.

The Bulls, on the other hand, are offering up their first-round pick, and are now attempting to sweeten the offer with Miami’s first round pick. Two first-round picks for Lee sounds like a good return in theory, but considering how late those two picks will be with the Bulls and Heat dominating the Eastern Conference, you’d almost rather have early second-rounders so that there’s no guaranteed money on the payroll.

The Rockets may go ahead and make the move anyway, as it’s not a terrible return for Lee, but I’m still not sold on the package without Asik.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Morey: 'We've Got To Get Something Done Or It's Not Good'

Richard Justice, shockingly, has an insightful column up this morning with a few quotes from Rockets GM Daryl Morey on the trade deadline as it plays out. This won’t quite erase gems like “Who Was Badmouthing Ed Wade For Signing Brandon Lyon?” and “Vince Young Is My Starcrossed Love Child,” but it’s a start. Morey admitted that things do not look good right now, and said that the team has to get something done.

What’s left? Morey has two other trades in play: one for a potentially high draft pick, the other for an impact player. He said he’d feel better if he had five or six possibilities instead of two.

“I’m not optimistic,” he says, “but I don’t think I ever am at this point in the process. Everyone is playing poker, trying to get the best deal they can.”

“It’s not for lack of trying,” Morey said. “I hope people understand that. We’re going to be among the top five teams in the league in flexibility this offseason.”

“We’re pushing hard,” Morey says, “but I don’t have anything right now. I know that’s not what you want to hear.”

Morey is clearly under quite a bit of duress as the deadline nears. Fans are reaching the point of fatigue with this current roster.

As for guesses on the impact player? Gerald Wallace was thrown around earlier this week. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it was Danny Granger of the Pacers. Either way, it’s good to know that Morey is also contemplating the draft route, as this team does look like it’s heading more and more towards a rebuild.

At least today, with roughly 30 hours left until the deadline.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Where Nene Is Off The Market, On It Again, And Then Maybe Possibly Off It

Denver Nuggets C Nene Hilario clearly wants to be with the Nuggets longterm at this point, however, they haven’t offered him a long-term extension just yet, which leads teams to keep a slight glimmer of hope alive in their trade talks. Says your almighty trade deadline savant, Adrian Worjnarowski of Yahoo!:

Denver Nuggets center Nene has become increasingly frustrated that he hasn’t been offered a contract extension, a league source said.

The Miami Heat, Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder have all inquired about Nene, but the Nuggets don’t plan to trade him, a source with knowledge of the team’s thinking said. The source expects the Nuggets to soon give Nene an extension offer.

Chris Broussard of ESPN takes it a step further, quashing Rockets fans dreams everywhere by tweeting that the Rockets are interested in Marcin Gortat (still), Nene, and the injured Anderson Varejao, but they aren’t expected to get any of them.

Finally, Sekou Smith of writes that while the Rockets are shopping everyone, perception around the league is that they’re asking for too much:

Houston is said to be open to trading almost anyone, though the price tags slapped on the various Rockets are said to be too high. “Something is going to happen,” point guard Aaron Brooks, a prime candidate to be packing, told the Houston Chronicle. Said teammate Shane Battier: “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to the next few days being over.”

Otherwise, ti’s another dead day on the trade front for the Rockets, they have approximately 40 hours to get pieces in motion for a deadline deal.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Rockets Fielding A Lot Of Calls On Shane Battier And Courtney Lee

Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski tweets that the Rockets are finding a lot of interested buyers on both Courtney Lee and Shane Battier. Both players have many fans around the league, and both are solid defenders as well.

Lee has mostly been linked to the Bulls, who seem unwilling to give up Omer Asik or Taj Gibson for him. Perhaps that will eventually lead to a three-team trade, or perhaps the Bulls will cave in on those demands as the deadline draws closer. The Celtics have been the primary team linked with Battier, but he brings a skillset that a lot of contending teams should be interested in, so it’s no surprise that he’s popular around the league right now. Total speculation here, but Atlanta might be a good fit. Particularly if they’re as intent as rumors suggest they are about moving Marvin Williams.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Nene Off The Market As Denver Nuggets Try To Negotiate Contract Extension

The Houston Rockets continue their efforts to trade for Denver Nuggets center Nene, but according to a new report from ESPN’s Marc Stein, the Nuggets are determined to sign the ninth-year player to a contract extension instead of trading him. The decision is a surprise, Stein says, because the sentiment around the league was that Denver would try to unload Nene once they traded Carmelo Anthony, which it managed to do last night.

But, according to Stein, “teams that have been calling for Nene […] are gradually being informed that a key element of the Nuggets’ post-Melo plan is trying to convince Nene to stay.” Thus, Houston will likely have to look elsewhere for help at center.

Nene can exercise the early termination option in his contract this summer in order to become a free agent, but can forego free-agency by signing a contract extension now. He leads the league in field-goal percentage, at 63.7 percent, and averages 15 points and 7.1 rebounds per game.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Nets Interested In Aaron Brooks?

Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News is reporting that after whiffing on Carmelo Anthony, the Nets are interested in acquiring Rockets guard Aaron Brooks.

According to a source, the Nets are also trying to pry Danilo Gallinari from the Nuggets and point guard Aaron Brooks from the Rockets. However, Nuggets GM Masai Uriji told Monday night that he will not trade Gallinari or Mozgov. The Nets have also engaged the Trailblazers in discussions for months about taking Harris. In return, the Nets would receive veteran point guard Andre Miller and, possibly, Rudy Fernandez, along with a draft pick.

The Nets would seem to have quite a few long-term assets that the Rockets would find valuable. While Derrick Favors is probably beyond the grasp of what the Rockets could get for just Brooks alone, the Nets do have a slew of first round picks that could be up for grabs. They’ve also been dangling Devin Harris around, and those two players are so similar that perhaps they could be components in a three-team deal.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Rockets Aren't Close To Trades Involving Nene, Battier

It was a night for reflection following the trade of Carmelo Anthony, the Houston Rockets were on the outside looking in on that deal, and now appear to be on the outside for their other trades as well. ESPN’s Chris Broussard tweeted that while the Rockets want Nene Hilario bad, the Nuggets aren’t likely to move him before the trade deadline. Meanwhile, SI’s Chris Mannix reported that the Rockets are pushing hard for a deal, but aren’t close with anyone.

At the local level, the Houston Chronicle’s Jonathan Feigen threw water on the Shane Battier to Boston rumors, saying that there doesn’t appear to be anything in Boston that makes sense for the Rockets and is actually available. Feigen also injected a little optimism for the next few days with this quote:

Morey is still hoping to make the big, roster changing move he has known the Rockets needed since summer, and will keep chasing that at any position, rather than to just fill the need in the middle.

Nothing was close on Monday. But if things had been stalled by the wait for Anthony deal to be complete, that roadblock is out of the way now. Morey has sounded unsure what will happen by Thursday, but it still seems likely that the team that practiced Monday at The Palace will not practice together again at Toyota Center on Friday.

Just because there’s nothing imminent now does not mean that the Rockets won’t make any moves. Last year at the deadline, the Rockets were able to get Kevin Martin at nearly the last minute, and would also have dealt for Amare Stoudemire had they been able to clear him medically in the last few moments. Now is not the time to get discouraged if you’re a fan waiting for a move. Give Morey his last few days to work his magic.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Celtics Want Shane Battier, Bulls Still Interested In Courtney Lee

Marc Stein of checked in with a blog about the Rockets trade happenings tonight, and it’s a doozy. The old news is that the Rockets and Bulls are still haggling about Courtney Lee, with the Bulls unwilling to give up either Taj Gibson or Omer Asik for the talented wingman.

The new? The Boston Celtics are interested in forward Shane Battier. Battier, a defensive specialist, would help the Celtics absorb the injury problems they’re having with Marquis Daniels and Delonte West. Sources tell Stein that while the Celtics are also negotiating with the Cavaliers regarding Anthony Parker, Battier interests them just as much.

No word on what the Celtics would be willing to give the Rockets for Battier, but considering Anthony Parker is being bandied about for a second round pick, the Celtics are likely trying to buy low on the veteran. Stein does mention that Houston might need to move Battier to match salaries in a bigger move.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Gerald Wallace Linked To Houston In New Report

The Houston Rockets are among several teams angling to acquire Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace, whom Charlotte has made available, according to this Twitter update from Yahoo! Sports reporter Adrian Wojnarowski. Wallace joins Denver Nuggets center Nene among fringe stars linked to Houston in trade talks.

A 6-foot-7 athletic marvel who can play either forward position, Wallace continues to stuff the stat sheet. The nine-year veteran posts per-game averages of 15.5 points, 8.3 rebounds, 2.4 assists, 1.2 steals, and 1 block for the Bobcats this season. However, he’s shooting only 43.2 percent from the floor, his worst showing since he shot 36 percent in limited minutes for the Sacramento Kings seven years ago. Another number, 39.1 also looms large in his play: that’s his average minutes played, his sixth straight season over 34.

Wallace earned the only All-Star appearance of his career last season, when he averaged 18.2 points and an remarkable, given his position, 10 rebounds per game. Wojnarowski does not mention whom the Rockets might be willing to trade, but based on previous reports about Houston’s desire to make a trade, it might be easier to name who isn’t available.

The NBA trade deadline is Thursday, Feb. 24, at 3 Eastern. Keep your browser tuned to this StoryStream for all Rockets trade rumors, and follow the general NBA buzz at


Rockets Trade Rumors: Rockets Continue To Be Interested In Nene, Randolph

The push to the NBA Trade Deadline on Thursday continues for the Rockets, and according to Marc Spears latest column on Yahoo!, the Rockets will be part of the negotiations for both Nene Hilario and Anthony Randolph once the Carmelo Anthony domino falls.

Nene is averaging a career-high 15.1 points and 7.1 rebounds and has attracted interest from the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks. The Miami Heat also have long coveted him, but might have to try to get creative to sign him if he becomes a free agent.

Anthony [Randolph[ has a strong chance of being moved before the deadline, league sources said. The Rockets, Indiana Pacers and Minnesota Timberwolves have all shown interest in him and the Knicks figure to trade him if they need a first-round pick for a deal with the Nuggets’ Anthony.

Aaron Brooks is also rumored to be on the way out, and Spears revealed that a league source has told him that Yao Ming’s expiring contract isn’t expected to be traded.

None of these rumors are particularly surprising, as the Rockets have been at the bargaining table for Randolph and Nene for quite some time. It might be a little more surprising if Brooks is traded given how much he has hurt his trade value recently, but he has also been rumored to be on the block for quite a while.


Rockets Trade Rumors: With A Week To Go, Daryl Morey Intends To be Active At The Trade Deadline

The Trade Deadline is coming up fast; are you getting tired of baseless trade speculation yet? How about something straight from the horse's mouth; wouldn't that be a delightful change of pace? Jonathan Fegien of the Houston Chronicle has thoughts straight from Daryl Morey, who says that they will be thinking about the "big picture" first and foremost when making a move.

“But our trade deadline moves have to be about getting us closer to where we want to be in the big picture, versus in the short run. It doesn’t mean we won’t do moves that would improve us in the short run, but I think the big picture is priority one.”

Based on Morey's comments, the rockets intend to be on the offensive heading toward the deadline. Morey knows that he has some assets on his team that could be very valuable to any potential suitors. The newest report is that the Rockets have targeted Nene and may make a strong offer to the Nuggets about the other valuable trade peice on that roster.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Grizzlies' Interest In Courtney Lee Could Net Houston O.J. Mayo

According to Ken Berger of, “rival executives” believe the Memphis Grizzlies could be a potential trade destination for Houston Rockets guard Courtney Lee. Monday, Lee reportedly expressed concern that the Rockets could trade him before the Feb. 24 deadline, and it would appear those concerns are founded. Sam Smith of the Chicago Bulls’ official website says Houston is “set” in the backcourt with Aaron Brooks, Kyle Lowry, Kevin Martin, and Terrence Williams, leaving Lee as the odd man out.

Which brings us back to Berger’s report. The Grizzlies, says Berger, have their eyes on “a player who can help them down the stretch this season and an asset that can help them in the future.” Lee would seem to fit that bill, and Berger says Memphis would be willing to offer third-year guard O.J. Mayo, the third overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft, in return for Lee.

As Berger notes, the whole scenario hinges upon Rockets GM Daryl Morey’s opinion of Mayo, whose stock has dropped this season as he’s struggled to adapt to a bench role, fought teammate Tony Allen on a team plane, and earned a league-mandated suspension for using a banned substance. Yet he’s just one season removed from averaging 17.5 points per game for the Grizzlies, shooting 45.8 percent from the floor and 38.3 percent on three-pointers. At 23, Mayo is younger than Lee and has far more upside.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for updates on Rockets trade rumors as the deadline draws nearer. And be sure to visit The Dream Shake, SB Nation’s Rockets blog, for all things Rockets.


Houston Rockets Trade Rumors: Nene In Rockets Sights

While the Rockets have long been rumored to be interested in Carmelo Anthony, he’s not the only Nuggets player that makes sense for them. Supposing, of course, that the Nuggets actually make a move at the deadline. ESPN New York’s Chris Sheridan says that the Rockets will put together a compelling package for Nuggets forward/center Nene as well.

Because Anthony is not the only player they are trying to deal, and a number of secondary trades have been discussed in the event that Melo is moved. The player drawing the most interest is their center, Nene, with the Houston Rockets at the front of the line offering a combination of young players and draft picks to give the Nuggets more of the rebuilding pieces they are seeking.

And why wouldn’t they? The Rockets have needed a big man ever since Yao came up gimpy, and Nene could plug that hole for them. The problem? He has his own opt-out, and like Anthony, there’s no guarantee that he’d sign an extension with the Rockets.

It’s hard to get a read on what exactly the Rockets are offering, but it would make sense from the Rockets perspective to try and deal Aaron Brooks or Jordan Hill.


Houston Rockets Trade Rumors: Rockets Intend To Be Active In Trade Talks As Deadline Nears

The Rockets have one of the more adventurous GM's in the game in Daryl Morey (adventurous meaning that he isn't afraid to make, or pursue trades for anyone on his roster). The team has a lot of excess at certain parts of the roster, and holes at others. The trade deadline is coming closer, so one must assume that the Rockets are going to try their hardest to make a trade at some point.

Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle reports that the Rockets will be aggressive in pursuing a trade as the calendar progresses.

With the trade deadline a week away, there is still every indication that the Rockets will be very active in talks. They still seem very willing to take on contracts, still hoping their expiring contracts and young talent can bring help.

They won't do something just to bolster this season, but that was never the plan, anyway. Daryl Morey has always been trying to find long-term help. And it could come at any position.

The Rockets are sitting at 26-31, out of the playoff picture in the West. They probably can't make a trade that would make them legitimate contenders in the Western Conference, but that might be a good sign that they should start the re-building process. Well, maybe not re-building, but re-tooling. They have some very good pieces, they just need to consolidate the talent around them.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Houston Reportedly Out Of The Running For Carmelo Anthony

The trade deadline is still over a week away, but the Rockets appear to be out of the runing for Carmelo Anthony, the biggest prize available in the trade market this year. According to Alan Hahn of Newsday, the Knicks are the last team left that have a legitimate shot at getting Carmelo at this point. SB Nation runs down the rest of the contenders that Hahn ruled out.

So if not the Knicks, then who? Hahn reports that the Nets remain out of the picture after announcing as much last month, and the Rockets, who were considering making a move around Yao Ming's expiring contract, are also out because Anthony does not want to sign an extension there. The Lakers, who were rumored to have offered Andrew Bynum for Anthony, are out too, though truthfully, they were never really in. That leaves one darkhorse, according to Hahn.

Hahn also lists the Mavericks as the remaining Dark Horse candidate, but I'm not sure that they would be willing to trade for Carmelo Anthony if it is just a half season rental. The Rockets had shown interest in Carmelo for much of the season, but there was no guarantee that he would be willing to sign an extension in Houston. The Rockets can now focus on finding some other deals, presumably minor ones, that can tweak the roster as opposed to giving it an entire overhaul.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Courtney Lee Worried About NBA Trade Deadline

The Houston Rockets’ well-documented desire to make a trade before the NBA trading deadline on Feb. 24 “doesn’t faze” third-year shooting guard Courtney Lee, who’s been traded after each of his first two seasons. He is, however, “concerned” about potentially moving again. Lee, whom the Chicago Bulls are reportedly interested in acquiring, told Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle, “I’m going to be a professional and work hard. If that leads me to be somewhere else, I’ll do the same.”

The 25-year-old Lee has proven a valuable cog to the Rockets this year, averaging 7.4 points and 2.4 rebounds in 56 appearances, all off the bench. He may interest contending teams looking to improve their guard depth. As a rookie in 2009, he started for the Orlando Magic team which eventually made it to the NBA Finals, providing above-average defense on the wing and making himself open for corner three-pointers.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for more Rockets trade rumors as the NBA trade deadline draws closer.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Carmelo Anthony 'Pretty Sure Anybody' Would Like To Play For Rockets

Carmelo Anthony tried really hard to avoid the Houston media tonight, avoiding his locker and going as far as to say he didn’t have time to speak. Per Clutchfans, however, he did find a little time to talk as he was leaving.

"It would be interesting, that’s all I can say," said Anthony. "The Rockets are a good team, they’re an up and coming team right now. They miss Yao. They’re a play-hard team. I’m pretty sure anybody would like to play for that team. Now don’t take that the wrong… don’t spin that tonight."

That’s hardly an admission of wanting to play for the Rockets, but to his credit, Anthony has been very diplomatic in public about the whole process. Should the Rockets somehow manage to trade for him, he’d have little choice but to don the uniform for a half-season. With the possibility of a long NBA lockout in place that will likely knock salaries down for the players, Anthony would be foolish to pass up on a long-term extension should he be acquired by any team. Including the Rockets.

So the drama will go on for the next 10 days, until Feb. 24th at 2 p.m. ET. The Rockets are still very much dark horses for Anthony’s services, but they also aren’t out of it yet.

You can watch the whole interview on video at the Clutchfans link above.


Rockets Rumors: Will Rick Adelman Hang Them Up After The Season?

It’s been a long weekend of questions for many NBA coaches in the wake of the Jerry Sloan resignation. Things are becoming more star-focused than ever in the NBA, and some of the old guard might not want to be a part of it much longer.

The Houston Chronicle’s Jerome Solomon managed to get some thoughts on the subject from Rockets coach Rick Adelman, and it might surprise you to learn that he’s not exactly dead-set on returning to the Rockets after this year. The 62-year-old instead had this to offer up:

But at the end of this season Adelman will consider calling it quits. He talked about the “R” word with his wife, Mary Kay, last summer.

“We will talk about it this year, more seriously, and decide what do I really want to do in the future?” said Adelman, who has been in the league since he was drafted by the San Diego Rockets in 1968. "I think you think about it when you get to this many years in the league.

“Let’s be frank, it’s been really disappointing the last two years with the injuries. Then when you think you have something going …”

It’s easy to see the schism here: not only is Adelman getting older, but this team has disappointed in back-to-back seasons (although mostly due to injuries) and he should probably be coaching a win-now team. If the Rockets make some moves at the deadline aimed towards rebuilding, the writing could be on the wall for Adelman. It might be time to get some younger blood in the coach’s chair as well.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Houston Reportedly Interested In Deals Both Big And Small

In discussing NBA trade rumors and the NBA trade deadline in a Yahoo! Sports video segment, writer Adrian Wojnarowski says the Houston Rockets are “one of the more aggressive teams out there,” pointing toward their desire to make trades and their enviable cache of assets, including Yao Ming’s expiring contract.

“They’re looking for good, veteran players,” Wojnarowski says, adding that future Hall-of-Fame point guard Steve Nash will surely be a target of Houston’s if the Phoenix Suns make him availble. Carmelo Anthony is still in the mix, but Wojnarowski says Houston is unlikely to trade for the All-Star forward unless he commits to signing a contract extension, which is highly unlikely.

But the Rockets aren’t solely looking to make splashy deals, Wojnarowski says, adding they could move shooting guard Courtney Lee to the Chicago Bulls. Lee is “a favorite” of Chicago head coach Tom Thibodeau.

“I think they’ll be real active at the deadline,” Wojnarowski concludes, echoing numerous reports out of Houston in recent days. With 10 days remaining until the trade deadline, the situation can only get more interesting from here. Stay tuned to this StoryStream for future updates.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Aaron Brooks Expresses Desire To Remain In Houston

With the NBA Trade Deadline rapidly approaching, there’s speculation abound about what the Houston Rockets may or may not do. General Manager Daryl Morey has stockpiled assets the past few years and now has all sorts of intriguing possibilities. One is moving point guard Aaron Brooks, whose contract is expiring at the end of this year. Add in the fact that Kyle Lowry seems to be holding his own at the point, and the fact that Brooks has exhibited less than stellar behavior (I’m thinking of course about him walking off the court in a recent game against the Grizzlies), and one would think that Brooks is certainly a candidate to be shopped.

Brooks however wants to stay in Houston. According to him at least. On Thursday, Brooks joined KILT in Houston to talk about wanting to stay with the team that drafted him out of Oregon in 2007, and why he stormed off the court against Memphis, a move that earned him a one-game suspension for next Monday night’s game. (Transcription via: Sports Radio Interviews)

What happened to make him walk off the court against Memphis:

“Nothing man. Just a bunch of frustration within myself and I just wasn’t able to control it and made a bad decision. I shouldn’t have done it. Hopefully we can move on from this situation.”

Whether or not he is upset about not being in the starting lineup:

“I think it was in the beginning when I felt I was doing a little better health-wise, but as you continue to play, just the movements and stuff, not moving the same, I have to find a way to get back in my groove and playing the way I was. I don’t put it on the coaches. I have to make them play me and my play hasn’t dictated that so far. I’m not mad at them because they have a job to do. It’s my job to go out there and play when I’m called on.”

How he feels about all the trade rumors about him leaving Houston:

“I love Houston. I like being here and I want to stay with the team that drafted me. You can’t be mad that another team wants you. When the phone stops ringing and they’re not asking for you then there’s a problem. (Mike) D’Antoni was one of the guys that was high on me during pre-draft at the 29th spot going to the Suns. I’m flattered that guys still want you. That’s always good and better than no one wanting you. That’s a good thing.”


Rockets Trade Rumors: Bulls Won't Trade Omer Asik To Rockets

Mike McGraw of the Arlington Heights Daily Herald reports the Chicago Bulls are not interested in trading rookie center Omer Asik to the Houston Rockets for shooting guard Courtney Lee, a possibility first raised earlier this week in the Houston Chronicle. Citing a “league source,” McGraw writies, “The Bulls like Asik’s potential too much to give him up in this sort of deal.” It appears as though the Rockets will need to look elsewhere to fortify their front line.

The Bulls would like to address their need for a more productive shooting guard, but at this stage “are more interested in dealing draft picks than moving a key player,” according to McGraw.

Lee, in theory, makes sense for Chicago. The third-year pro is averaging 7.1 points per game off Houston’s bench this season, shooting 43.5 percent from the floor and an impressive 39.4 percent on three-pointers. But Asik is, apparently, too high a price to pay.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for all Houston Rockets trade rumors as they become public, and keep up with the Rockets at SB Nation’s The Dream Shake.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Five Things To Remember As The NBA Trade Deadline Approaches

The Houston Rockets have come up a lot recently in NBA trade deadline rumors. They are reportedly still interested in the Nugget's Carmelo Anthony, their big man Nene, and pretty much anyone Daryl Morey can get his hands on. That doesn't even include a potential resolution to the Aaron Brooks situation, even though they say they won't be moving him.

All of this information is a lot to take in. Luckily for us, our Rockets blog The Dream Shake has made an effort to simplify things, and introduce five things you should keep in mind as the deadline approaches.

1. The Rockets will probably end up surprising us.

They usually do. They've made trades that come out of left field before, and it would be unwise to rule them out from doing that kind of thing this year. We keep hearing about Carmelo Anthony and NeNe, but that doesn't mean that they are the only players that Morey is targeting.

2. The Rockets are interested in a star player. We've been aware of this for about a year now.

There are a lot of teams out there interested in a star player too, I'm sure. But the rockets have a lot pieces and assets that might interest teams willing to move star players for young talent.

3. The Rockets are interested in a starting center, but would rather deal for a younger player with upside rather than an established starter.

This applies specifically to the Nene rumors. He's a good player, but he's no spring chiken. The Dream Shake lists DeAndre Jordan and Omer Asik as possible targets, even though they wouldn't satisfy the Rocket'sapetite for a star player.

4. I hope we find a taker for Aaron Brooks.

The Rockets are saying that Brooks won't be traded, but I think we all know that everyone is available if the right deal comes along. Brooks probably doesn't have a history in Houston beyond this season, which is a little surprising based on his year last year. But if the the Rockets can get some value for him before his contract expires, it is something they should look into. But you can't just give him away for pennies on the dollar either. Finally,

Remember, it takes two (or more) teams to make a deal.

The Rockets want to do this, and they want to do that, but if there isn't a team out there who is willing to make a deal with them, nothing can be done. It seems obvious, but it is an important thing to remember. Just because the Rockets want someone and they have a package prepared that seems like fair value, teams don't have to make a trade with them.

With all that in mind, enjoy the next two weeks of baseless opinion and wild speculation. Truly, the best time of the year.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Daryl Morey Will Be 'Extremely Active' At The Deadline

Daryl Morey has never been afraid to make a move. As the trade deadline approaches, Morey will be actively looking to make a deal, according to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle. There's a lot to digest in here, so let's take it step-by-step.

The Rockets want a center, and they'll trade for Carmelo Anthony if it means that they can get Nuggets' center Nene out of the deal as well. And a deal centered around just Nene has a much better chance of happening.

The Nuggets, however, have seemed more receptive to the Rockets' offers for Nene than they had been for Anthony. Those talks also have ground to a halt, one person familiar with Denver's efforts said, but that if they do deal Anthony, they would likely look to also move Nene.

The other big piece of news in the article is that Aaron Brooks probably will be staying with the Rockets through the rest of the year.

The Rockets have not seemed inclined to move Aaron Brooks, despite his expiring contract and his one-game suspension this week for conduct detrimental to the team. Coach Rick Adelman said the Rockets are not interested in trading Brooks. New York, Sacramento, Minnesota, Portland and Memphis have shown interest in Brooks, but that did not lead to serious talks.

It is a little surprising that the Rockets have no interest in moving Brooks, considering his drop in production, pending free agency and the Rockets seeming to not want to resign him. You would think that they would want to re-coup any value for him, but I guess they haven't gotten an attractive offer yet.


Rockets Trade Rumors: Nene, Omer Asik Reportedly On Houston's Radar

The Houston Rockets aggressively aim to overhaul their roster, which we covered in this StoryStream yesterday, word has emerged on what moves they’re trying to make and which players they’ve targeted.

The Houston Chronicle reports the Chicago Bulls have expressed an interest in Rockets guard Courtney Lee, now in his third professional season, his first with Houston, though Rockets GM Daryl Morey is “hesitant to part with Lee.” Chicago would send rookie center Omer Asik, averaging 2.7 points and 3.3 rebounds in just 11.4 minutes per game, to Houston.

Additionally, according to the report, Morey has started trade talks with the Denver Nuggets, presumably regarding All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony. However, Morey is also interested in veteran center Nene, a free-agent-to-be who leads the league in field-goal shooting at 64.8 percent. At 6-foot-11 and 260 pounds, the 28-year-old center has legitimate center size in this league, and his per-game productivity (a career-best 15.4 points, 7.2 rebounds) suggests he has several such years left in him. He’d give a real boost to a Rockets team playing the inexperienced Jordan Hill (age 23) and the undersized Chuck Hayes (6-foot-6) heavy minutes in the pivot.


Houston Rockets Trade Rumors: Every Player Available As Daryl Morey Goes For Broke

As the NBA trade deadline nears, the Houston Rockets expect to be active, according to a new report from Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle, and they've made clear each of their players is available, though as Justice says, "some are more likely to go than others." Indeed, Shane Battier might be the first player to be dealt due to his combination of "defense and smarts," despite his popularity with the Rockets.

In addition to Battier, Houston also has attractive veterans such as Kevin Martin and Luis Scola. Martin ranks among the league's most efficient scorers despite his unorthodox shooting motion. Scola can score with his back to the basket--a valuable commodity in this league--rebounds, and plays exceptionally hard. They figure to have a high asking price, but if you believe Justice's report, Houston is ready to clean house.

General Manager Daryl Morey appears poised to swing for the fences, having inquired about All-Stars Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul, as well as veteran contributors like Josh Smith and Anderson Varejao, according to Justice. The fact that coach Rick Adelman's contract expires at season's end opens the door for even more change in Houston.

The Rockets expected to contend for a championship this season with the return of center Yao Ming to the lineup, but Yao played 91 minutes over five games this season before suffering a stress fracture in his left ankle, which ruled him out for the rest of the year. Their 25-29 record leaves them little hope for a playoff spot in the competitive Western Conference, meaning the endgame this season will be another mid-tier lottery pick in a weak draft.

Given all these factors, it's very clear that Houston intends to be active in the weeks leading up to the deadline on Feb. 24. Stay tuned to this StoryStream for more details.

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