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When, Against Your Better Judgment, You Open an Email Entitled "Orange Speedo," You Deserve What You Get. (OR: More Pat Onstad Photoshop Fun)


(Oh, what? Stop whining. Like the post title didn't warn you?) Email exchange. Topic line "Orange Speedo. " Same anonymous friend/Sounders fan I talked about in the previous post. We are both...

Stressed About the Game? Laughter is the Best Medicine. Well, Okay, Laughter and Beer. You'll Need to Provide the Beer


This comes to me courtesy of a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. Not sure why. If I were capable of such photoshop creativity? I'd be claiming the hell out of it. P.S. As I was doing tags...

Pat Onstad for "Fair Play" and other Rave Green Ironies and Oddities in the End-of-Year Award Nominations


Show of hands, all you legit journalists out there. After last Thursday, how many of you are thinking, "Wait! Wait! I didn't mean it! I want my vote back!" My guess is at least a few of the...

The Highlight Video, and Some Things You May Want to Pay Attention To


Highlight video, with some things you may want to look at: 1:00 -- Damn, we got lucky here. 1:22 -- ditto, but I think Keller would have had it covered if it had been on target. 1:34 -- this is...

My Utterly Unofficial Awards for the Western Conference Semifinal, First Leg


Let's start with the "MOST RIDICULOUS NAME EVER" award to: The "Eastern/Western Conference Semifinals." With 50% of the spots awarded to wild cards, let's just abandon this conference charade...

Not Much of A Preview: Seattle vs. Houston


The great thing about having a co-blogger is that I can now do my not-much-of-a-previews while knowing that somebody's going to come in afterwards and fill in the blanks or pick up the pieces. So...

Sorry, But There's No Goalkeeper Controversy In Houston This Offseason


Tally Hall has been named the number one goalkeeper for the Houston Dynamo ahead of the 2011 season. Does he have what it takes to step out of Dynamo legend Pat Onstad's shadow?



So the Major League Soccer season is winding down. Eight teams in, eight teams out. This begs the question, which MLS head coach will be first to get the axe?

Not Onstad


Goalie glove snafu guarantees that one way or another, Onstad will be in goal on Saturday | houstondynamo.com

Off Topic: MLS All Star Game


As I mentioned this morning (or last night depending on how you read it) last night I attended the MLS All Star game. The game was an absolutely wonderful event but if you read Cathal Kelly's...

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