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Case Keenum To Seek Extra Year Of Eligibility

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University of Houston fifth-year senior quarterback Case Keenum has decided to apply for a sixth year of college eligibility. He will petition the NCAA and hopes to play in 2011, according to Steve Campbell of the Houston Chronicle.

As Campbell notes, while there is no specific deadline set to petition for re-entry, Keenum has plenty of others to worry about.

There is no specific timeline in which UH must file the appeal or the NCAA must rule. Some deadlines do loom for Keenum, though. For Keenum to be eligible to play in 2011, he'd have to be enrolled in school next spring. The session starts next Jan. 18, with students having until Jan. 25 to add classes. He is on course to graduate in December, with the NFL Draft set for next April 28-30.

Campbell later quotes the NCAA Division 1 Manual's rule regarding waiver grants.

A waiver of the five-year period of eligibility is designed to provide a student-athlete with the opportunity to participate in four seasons of intercollegiate competition within a five-year period. This waiver may be granted, based upon objective evidence, for reasons that are beyond the control of the student-athlete or the institution that deprive the student-athlete of the opportunity to participate for more than one season in his/her sport within the five-year period.

Keenum tore his ACL against the UCLA Bruins last month and will be rehabbing in an attempt to participate in the NFL Draft combine should his petition be declined. He is currently fifth on the NCAA's all-time passing yardage list.

Keenum's senior season was supposed to be his shot to silence the professional critics, as many do not believe Keenum to be anything more than a "system quarterback." Now, if Keenum is able to play another season, he'll yet again get his chance to prove himself.

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