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What's On Television Today: Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010

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Can we talk for a second about the Kia commercial? You know, the one with the little hamsters that look like they're all thugged out? Okay good, glad you so readily agreed. I'm completely perplexed by the message of this commercial. The song in the background repeatedly loops "you can go with this, or you can go with that," and it shows shots of the Kia Trapezoid-Shaped Car and how much fun you can have in it, while other hamsters crash or look silly in toasters and later, cardboard boxes.

I'm not a marketing major, nor would I ever want to be, but when the only things you can compare your car to are cardboard boxes and toasters, that usually isn't something I think of as a high quality car. In fact, if you're telling me that I can get a car or a toaster, I'll usually take the car. But the fact that you're making me think about it this deeply isn't really a good sign for your company. You know, I bet the Kia in question doesn't even have an in-car toaster. Where will I heat my Pop Tarts? On the engine block? No thanks.


You could go with this
Houston Rockets @ Washington Wizards - FSHouston, 6 PM - Everyone do the dougie right now. I'm watching you. 
Coaches vs. Cancer Classic - College Basketball - Illinois-Chicago @ Pittsburgh (4) - ESPN3 (online), 6 PM - I don't see why they're matching up these two teams to take away from the epic fight that should be Coaches vs. Cancer. Get Jamie Dixon a microscope and academic papers and lets really see a battle!
Utah Jazz @ Orlando Magic - ESPN, 6 PM - Lets see if Orlando can pull the same disappearing act that LeBron James did against the Jazz in overtime last night. Ha! Did you see what I did there? Because magic often makes things disappear! 
EPL: Manchester City v. Manchester United - ESPN2, 2 PM - Both teams will transfer onto the other squad at halftime for 900 trillion pounds if you believe current rumors.


You could go with that
Los Angeles Clippers @ San Antonio Spurs - ESPN, 8:30 PM - Blake Griffin and Tim Duncan battle to see who looks more like an ogre. And a basketball game!
Boston Bruins @ Pittsburgh Penguins - NHLN, 6 PM - Pfft, I guess Sidney Crosby might be worth your time.
EPL: Everton v. Bolton Wanderers - ESPN3 (online), 2 PM - The Wanderers still haven't found what they're looking for.


You shouldn't go with this
44th Annual CMA Awards - ABC, 7 PM - When did Kid Rock become country?!?


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