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Week 10 NFL Picks For Texans - Jaguars: .500

Two teams that are used to mediocrity have joined up together for another always exciting version of Texans-Jaguars. These teams, while not "rivals" in the traditional sense, have always played tight games against each other. You might remember the last time the Texans took the field, a certain pass from a certain non-Matt Schaub player was a deciding factor in an excruciating loss.

These teams are very evenly matched thus far this year. They might have the two worst secondaries in the NFL, the Jaguars are a little better in run defense and pass rush. The Texans are a little better all-around on offense. It should create a compelling, tight, game. Or maybe a blowout. It depends on how many times the Jaguars can loft a ball over Kareem Jackson's head.

It's an early game on CBS. As you can imagine, you and me will be the only people watching it on the television. Sports Radio 610 AM, 100.3 KILT FM and La Tremenda 1010 AM are your places for radio coverage.

The experts picks haven't quite all rolled in yet. Jason Cole is taking the Texans, and CBS has voted 3 for 5 for the Texans as well. If I had to pick someone in this game it'd be Jacksonville solely because I think their defense might be capable of one more stop than the Texans.

The Jaguars are favored by 1.5 points.

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