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Fantasy Football: Texans-Jaguars, Week 10 -- Who To Start

This game is predicted to be the highest scoring one on the docket this week by Vegas. As such, you want everyone active who is healthy. And I mean everyone.

QB David Garrard – He thrashed the Cowboys secondary before the bye, now he’s taking on possibly the worst one in football. Expect tasty points.
QB Matt Schaub – The Jaguars, also, have one of the worse secondaries in football. As long as the pass protection can hold up, Schaub will get the kind of points you wanted from him when you drafted him early.
RB Arian Foster – You did know to start him, right?
RB Maurice Jones-Drew – The Texans rush defense wasn’t SO bad against the Chargers, but they also lacked a healthy running back. MJD is much more likely to give them fits.
WR Mike Sims-Walker – See Garrard. This is one of the matchups you need Sims-Walker in for.
WR Andre Johnson – See Schaub. See also: you were starting him no matter what I said.
TE Marcedes Lewis – Zac Diles, who normally defends tight ends for the Texans, has allowed 37 of 40 balls thrown against him to be caught. And defensed none of them. With the injuries to Antonio Gates and Dallas Clark, among others, he’s probably a TE1 this week.

WR Kevin Walter/WR Jacoby Jones – Until a real winner emerges in the snaps, I can’t recommend either of these guys. If you HAD to play one of them though, this is the week.

TE Owen Daniels – Likely to miss the game for a second straight week. Joel Dreessen and James Casey split TE targets for the Texans, and even against a bad pass defense, you don’t want your TE to be splitting targets.
Both defenses – You already knew that.

Mike Thomas – For reasons outlined here. Kareem Jackson can make anyone a star, and this week it’s going to be Mike Thomas.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.