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Bayou City High School Rundown

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Last weekend marked the bi-district round of the Texas state football playoffs. Some notable upsets and drubbings were handed out, but before I talk about some of the notable area matchups, I'd like to point out what's shaping up to be a pretty good story.

West Orange-Stark beat Dayton in its first playoff game of the season. That's not suprising, since WO-S was state-ranked earlier this season. What is kind of shocking is that this team has rebounded to make the playoffs and win big (the Dayton game was 63-7) despite the tragic death of its starting quarterback on the field earlier this season.

Reggie Garrett's death could have derailed that season, and no one would have thought less of that team for not playing up to expectations. But, after dropping a pair of games, WO-S has been very good. It's too soon to speculate on how deep of a playoff run they could make, but they certainly have plenty of motivation.

Here are some notes from other big games in the area:

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