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Loney, Upton Both Available for Astros Taking...

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The GMs kicked off "Wild, Crazy Trade Rumors" season when they started meeting today in Orlando. Some of the names being floated around on Twitter have been James Loney and Dan Uggla. That is, until Ken Rosenthal tweeted that Justin Upton, the 22-year-old right fielder for the Arizona Diamondbacks could be available.


I've talked about Loney before and concluded that the Astros don't really need him. They already have one first baseman to frustrate them in Brett Wallace. Uggla is older and expensive, so his price might be too great for this team.


But Upton? Just back the prospect truck up to Arizona for him. That guy would be a cornerstone piece for 10 years. He's young, he's signed to a reasonable deal (5 years left on a 6-year, 51.5 million deal), and he's really, really good. In that, he hit about .280/.360/.450 this season with 18 steals and it was considered a slight disappointment. He's Hunter Pence but six years younger and with a higher ceiling.


I don't know if the Astros have what it will take to get him. I'd give up Brett Wallace, Hunter Pence, Jordan Lyles and change easily. I'd put JD Martinez and possibly one of the shortstops. They'd need at least two pitchers, maybe Bud Norris?


The problem is I don't think the Astros have enough in assets to trump offers from teams like the Braves or the Royals. Ultimately, Wade will fall short, but he's got to make that call.

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