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Help Nickname Texans WR David Anderson's Dog

Consider this a break from all the gloom-and-doom of the current Texans season. One of the wiser moves the Houston Chronicle made this season was to give Houston Texans wide receiver David Anderson a weekly guest column. I always find it refreshing to read an article from an athlete, especially mid-season.

While Anderson does talk about the team needing to move forward from Sunday's Hail Mary loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, he used the last bit of his column to talk about the newest addition to the Anderson Family: a golden retriever from California currently called "Houston."

After purchasing the dog for my mother last year she felt it was only right to name the dog "Houston". Since he feels a bit uncomfortable being called "Houston", while in…Houston, if anyone can suggest a new nickname for my dog, I'm all ears!!

Tweet all your creative suggestions to @DavidAnderson89 on Twitter. Bonus points if you find a name that pokes fun at Anderson's "good buddy" Richard Justice.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.