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Bernard Pollard: 'We Continue To Make The Dumbest Mistakes.'

After finding themselves in the AFC South cellar after three weeks of horrific defense and gutwrenching plays in the final minutes of games, Texans coach Gary Kubiak continues to say the same things that he’s been saying for the past…ever.

New SB Nation affiliate Sports Radio Interviews got a glimpse of a Benard Pollard interview that might make you think that there’s at least SOME accountability in the locker room. He joined KILT in Houston to discuss the dismalness of the defense.

How tough the loss to the Jets is to swallow:

"Well you know what, at the end of the day they have won three games straight like this and we have lost two or three. So it is just to the point where you look back and it is beyond getting out of hand, it really is. We are pros and we are not playing like it. We continue to make the dumbest mistakes, the dumbest, and you can’t sugarcoat that."

On the notion that history has repeated itself with the big plays they gave up against the Jets:

"Well at the end of the day when teams play us they look for a highlight game and we continue to give teams highlight games. That is the only way I can put it. You look at the last three games we have played, you look at the last three receivers we have played, their fantasy statuses went up, and it is ridiculous."

How the team should fix their defensive problems:

"Well you know what, we played hard. You can’t question how hard we played. Do we play smart? It’s just times we don’t. Like I said when you play in the secondary in the league, when you make mistakes they are always going to see it. It sucks when you are out here frickin’ getting banged up going home with losses and I mean you have just got so many sores and so many things, this is ridiculous. We should not be leaving with an ‘L’ right now."

At least someone thinks it’s getting out of hand. That won’t change the scheme, but at least there’s a sign that the players are tired of it.

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