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What's On Television Today: Saturday, Nov. 27, 2010

Hate. It drives ordinary men into doing extraordinarily otherwise immoral things to other men. It also drives football fans into such vitriol fueled rages that they consume beer bongs at 6 in the morning, despite being 70 years old (note: I have seen this; it is awesome).

This Saturday, the 3rd consecutive weekend day for some of you, the first in a series on non-consecutive days off for others, is a day all about hate. A day in which you can simply allow the hate/boiled up frustrations/anger with the world to boil to a fruition and then let it play out at the top of your lungs over the course of a three-and-a-half hour football game. And trust me, it will be good. Whether you're an Ohio State fan (O-H-A-T-E), LSU backer (Geaux Hate), or a Clemson Tiger (topical thing about southern hate!), this will be your moment, your day of coming to fruition after 364 long days of waiting. Embrace the hate and let it flow.

"TIs better to have hate and lost hate, then never to have not hated at all" -- Alfred, Lord Haterson

- College Football -- Michigan Wolverines at (8) Ohio St. Buckeyes -- ABC, 11:00 AM -- The game closest to my hate filled heart, Terrelle Pryor and the Buckeyes play host to Denard Robinson and that school up north. Robinson, while a revelation of talent, has a propensity to get injured by opposing defenders breathing on him. Pryor has a proclivity towards trying to throw footballs through opposing defenders and teleport all over the field. It should be just like watching a game of Tecmo Bowl but on acid.

"All you need is hate." - Famous brit-hate band, The Hateles

-College Football -- (7) LSU Tigers at (12) Arkansas Razorbacks -- CBS, 2:30 PM -- While this game's fan bases have a tendency to shoot shotguns in their spare time, watch as the city of Little Rock plays host to some 70-80K people try to do their best to not commit some sort of violent crime during this intense SEC West showdown. While both of these teams have been eliminated from division championship possibilities, Auburn's win yesterday over Alabama could make this a virtual BCS play-in game with the SEC essentially assured of multiple BCS berths.

"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its hate." - Martin Hater King Jr.

-College Football -- (13) Oklahoma Sooners at (9) Oklahoma St. Cowboys -- ABC, 7:00 PM -- A matchup so hate ridden it's simply called Bedlum, these two country cousins play for the right to represent the Big XII South division in the final Big XII Championsihp Game ever at Jerry World next weekend.  Not very often (read: ever) do you enter this one with Oklahoma State the favorites, but with former UH offensive coordinator Dana Holgersen (whom I always have a tendency to want to call Sunny Jurgensen for whatever reason) working his magic. If you hate defense, you'll love this high octane, high scoring affair.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.