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Andre Johnson Will Not Be Suspended For Punching Cortland Finnegan

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Per Fox 26's Mark Berman, Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson will be fined, but not suspended, for Sunday's one-sided fight against Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan.

Johnson and Finnegan had been going at it all afternoon, but Finnegan pushed the wrong button one too many times. Both players ripped the other's helmet off before Andre struck with three clean punches. Both players were ejected from the game while the debate began on what the punishment would be.

After the game, Johnson showed a lot of contrition, and this, combined with his eight years of good behavior and Finnegan being labeled the instigator, more than likely helped his cause. Johnson will play Thursday night against the Philadelphia Eagles.

More on this story as more facts become available, but you can see the joyous reaction from Texans fans at Battle Red Blog.

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