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What's On Television Today: November 30th, 2010

I'm not laughing about this post. You think this is funny? I take this (expletive) serious. Real serious. I pour my heart and soul into What's On Television Today every single week. Every single week, I put my freaking heart and soul into this. I study my butt off. I don't go out there and laugh.

Derek Anderson, Pro Bowler
-Boston Celtics @ Cleveland Cavaliers -- 6 PM, NBA TV -- LeBron James' teammates plan to stand in remembrance of his last few games in Cleveland by showing solidarity in quitting against the Celtics. 
-College Basketball - (2) Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Florida State Seminoles -- 6:30 PM, ESPN -- Seems like the kind of game that Mark Titus could eventually get some minutes in. 
-College Basketball - (14) Georgetown Hoyas vs. (8) Missouri Tigers -- 8 PM, ESPNU -- I managed to put both Luke and Tom's colleges up top in a tribute to them. They'll never notice. 

Derek Anderson, Arizona Cardinal
-St. Louis Blues @ Chicago Blackhawks -- 7 PM, Versus -- It's just like a Cardinals-Cubs game, except no grandmothers are wearing Aaron Miles and Yadier Molina jerseys. 
-College Baketball -- North Carolina Tar Heels vs. (21) Illinois Fighting Illini -- 8:30 PM, ESPN -- Here's your chance to scout Harrison Barnes, potential future Rocket. 

Tim Couch
-College Basketball -- Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs. Northwestern Wildcats -- 6 PM, ESPN2 -- Glen Rice Jr. will be perplexed when he realizes that Dennis Scott Jr. isn't playing for Northwestern tonight.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.