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Yaogate 2010-2011: Rockets Medical Staff May Get Yao More Minutes

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Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle alerts us to news on the Yao front: the big man may get cleared to play more in the near future. 

The Rockets medical staff is exploring through a series of on-going meetings changing the limits on center Yao Ming's playing time because of the progress he has made in his comeback, a team representative said Tuesday.

The discussions could lead to an increase in his playing time from the limit of 24 minutes per game, changes in the way his minutes are distributed and clearance to play both games of back-to-backs.

Though Yao said there have been no changes in the plan, after sitting out a second game because of a back-to-back, he seemed to be especially eager to be cleared to play every game. The Rockets had planned to revisit Yao's situation in January.

We'll see how this turns out, but even if it's just getting him in there every game rather than every other game, a little consistency couldn't hurt as far as what the Rockets have to expect on a game-to-game basis.

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