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What's On Television Today: December 12th, 2010

No Texans game again. Damn you, NFL, harsh scheduling mistress! First you make us play on Thursday night, then you give us the Ravens on prime time. Well, I don't mind the prime time so much, I just don't want to see Chris Berman or Jon Gruden. Can you do anything about that? That'd be great. 

Behind the jump is your schedule for all sporting events far and wide on Sunday. Okay, so it's a list of NFL games and a few other things. But at least stuff is happening!

A Jaguars Loss
Oakland Raiders @ Jacksonville Jaguars -- 12 PM, CBS -- Solomon Wilcots will be on hand to personally flub 8 names before halftime. The Jaguars will be trying to keep their stranglehold on the AFC South, while the Raiders will be trying to catch the Chiefs from behind after last week's shocker over the Chargers.
New England Patriots @ Chicago Bears -- 3:15 PM, CBS -- Temperatures are supposed to be below freezing for this game, so be sure to get some tears cried in advance if you're a Bears fan. We all know what happens when the Patriots play in the cold.
College Basketball -- Boston College Eagles @ Maryland Terrapins -- 3 PM, FSN -- This game will make you yearn for the days of Troy Bell vs. Juan Dixon.

A Jaguars Tie
New York Giants @ Minnesota Vikings MYSTERY GAME! -- 12 PM, FOX -- Due to the circumstances of the Giants not being able to get to Minneapolis on time (thanks weather!) this game will probably be postponed and saved for Monday. Meaning we will get a different game. The choices are Tampa Bay-Washington, Green Bay-Detroit, and Atlanta-Carolina. I'm thinking we get the former. 
Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys -- 7:20 PM, NBC -- Hey jack what a trap the NFL's on, Jon Kitna screaming to get off of his lawn, stadium indignant despite their bad record, this game reminds everyone of the career of Reshard Langford.
College Basketball -- Clemson Tigers @ Florida St. Seminoles -- 5:15 PM, FSN -- DeMontez Stitt vs. Derwin Kitchen. Or as this game will be known in March: the game that is holding the losing team back from making the tournament while Dick Vitale cries for them.

A Jaguars Win
Washington Capital @ New York Rangers -- 6 PM, NHL Network -- Brandon Dubinsky is younger than me AND has 24 points in 13 games. Slink away boys, slink away.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.