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Kubiakgate 2010-2011: Are The Texans Bill Cowher's Top Choice?

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It's a throwaway line in a bigger column, but welcome speculation to the ears of many. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's Ed Bouchette says that if Bill Cowher coaches again, the Houston Texans might be his top choice:

Keep in mind that while Dallas may not want Bill Cowher, I told you awhile back that Texas is his most likely landing spot - Houston, Texas. And last night's game made him even more inviting for those Texans.

Look for gossip regarding Gary Kubiak's job to only heat up as the season moves from dead to corpse-like. Even winning out to reach 8-8 might not be enough to convince Texans owner Bob McNair that Kubiak should remain in the saddle. If Kubiak isn't retained, the question is whether they will chase an established football mind like Cowher, which is what they did as an expansion team, or look to find a new coordinator who is ready for a head gig, like they did with Kubiak.

The Houston Chronicle's Lance Zierlein outlined the circumstances behind a possible Kubiak firing last month, and expects the team to lean towards the established coaches if they don't retain their embattled head coach:

1. If Kubiak is fired, Bob McNair will likely look to go in an entirely different direction, which would mean that Rick Smith would probably be gone as well. I would expect McNair to look at a proven winner as a head coach and a proven personnel man as his new GM.

Stay tuned. We've only reached the beginnings of this story, me thinks.

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