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What's On Television Today: December 19th, 2010

You could watch the Houston Texans take on the Tennessee Titans! No Mario Williams! No Vince Young! Just two teams that hate each other! Also I guess Cortland Finnegan and Andre Johnson will be involved.

Or you could watch teams that still matter! I hear there are plenty of those play-offed teams that are going to give it a go today. Not sure what that means, but I'll look into it and maybe have an answer for you later today.

Melvin Mora
Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans -- 12 PM, CBS -- Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcots will be in Tennessee, and so will the eyes of 10's of people for this grudge match to see who can mathematically stay alive should the Jaguars lose at Indianapolis.
New York Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers -- 3 PM, CBS -- The Jets are running out of things to bury, so maybe they should suck it up and actually win a game this week. Troy Polomalu being out makes it easier.
Houston Rockets @ Sacramento Kings -- 5 PM, Fox Sports Houston -- The Rockets look for three wins in a row as they soldier on without the acquisition of Marcin Gortat

Jim Mora
Green Bay Packers @ New England Patriots -- 7:20 PM, FOX -- A game that should be flexed. Except NBC didn't flex it, because America definitely needs more Tom Brady in it's life. He's so dreamy!
College Basketball: Arizona Wildcats @ North Carolina St. Wolfpack -- FSN, 3:30 PM -- You may want to get your Rockets scout glasses on for Derrick Williams. 
Phoenix Suns @ Oklahoma City Thunder -- 6 PM, NBA TV -- Watch Steve Nash see if he can actively wish himself to a team that matters.

Jim Mora Jr.
Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys -- 12 PM, FOX -- God forbid we not have to deal with the damn Dallas Cowboys game this week. They're so good! Two words: Rex Grossman, Jon Kitna. Fin.

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