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Geno Auriemma: Great Coach, Utter Lunatic

Allow me a tangent. [soapbox]

The reason everybody is having a heart attack the last four or five days is a bunch of women are threatening to break a men's record, and everybody is all up in arms about it...All the women are happy as hell and they can't wait to come in here and ask questions. All the guys that loved women's basketball are all excited, and all the miserable bastards that follow men's basketball and don't want us to break the record are all here because they're pissed...If we were breaking a women's record, everybody would go, 'Aren't those girls nice, let's give them two paragraphs in USA Today, you know, give them one line on the bottom of ESPN and then let's send them back where they belong, in the kitchen.'

-Geno Auriemma, coach of the Connecticut women's basketball team

Dear Mr. Auriemma,

I am a guy who loves women's basketball. I drove up from Orange County to Sacramento four years straight to watch my high school girls' team compete in the state title game, and I watch my college women's team play whenever I can. I'm emotionally invested in how well they do the same I am with the other sports at UH, men's or women's. I was glued to the TV when y'all played Baylor this year.

That said, your comments are bat(guano) insane.

I love both men's and women's hoops, but they are two radically different things. I'm offended by ESPN forcing the apples-to-oranges comparison down my throat every time I turn the television on, nothing more. It works both ways. If someone said that Mike Krzyzewski would make a better women's coach than you, I'd tell them they were wrong for the same reason. Men's and women's basketball aren't the same. Proficiency in one is not translatable or analogous to proficiency in the other.

You keep keying on women breaking a men's record, and how sexist men are threatened by this. If that's what is at play here, why would my alleged male chauvinistic sensibilities be threatened by a women's team beating a lot of other women's teams?

If you really want your team to be measured up to men's basketball teams, here's my advice: Schedule UConn women against literally any Division 1 men's team. There are 347 of them, one will play you in an exhibition. If you can beat Central Connecticut State's men's team, I will devote the rest of my life to the promotion of women's athletics. But you won't schedule that game, because you know, same as I, that you would lose, and it wouldn't be close.

Until then, I will watch women's basketball and enjoy it for what it is. Those fans who only really enjoy men's hoops will miserably watch basketball players who can almost all dunk, and are taller, faster and more athletic than the best women's players. Oh darn.


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