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What's On Television Today: December 22nd, 2010

You might be asking, "Rivers, I love the site that you edit so much! Do you have any advice on how to get your writers to keep churning out topical material even over Christmas? Mine won't even move."

My answer, as usual, can be expressed via song:

The reason they don't run away? It's such a catchy tune.

All day all day all day!
Las Vegas Bowl: Boise St. Broncos vs. Utah Utes -- ESPN, 7 PM -- The "Disappointing BCS Dreams" Bowl. UH would have played in this one had they actually qualified for a bowl.
Houston Rockets @ Los Angeles Clippers -- Fox Sports Houston, 9:30 PM -- Your chance to see Blake Griffin embarrass some defenders on live TV rather than on highlight shows.
College Basketball: Texas Longhorns @ Michigan St. Spartans -- ESPN2, 6 PM -- Maybe Michigan St would like to use this home game as a chance to actually beat somebody good? That could be a start. The Longhorns are coming off a pretty solid win at North Carolina.

Left, right, left right
College Basketball: Xavier Musketeers @ Gonzaga Bulldogs -- ESPN2, 10 PM -- A great matchup of little guys who know how to wreck a tournament bracket or three. Gonzaga has struggled recently, and Ty Holloway plans to make that continue. 

Slaves of the dark lord
Chicago Bulls @ Washington Wizards -- NBA TV, 6 PM -- I really wish this game was Bulls vs. Bullets. Kirk Hinrich's revenge?That's our motivation to watch?
Vancouver Canucks @ Detroit Red Wings -- NHL Network, -- The Canucks have won 8 of their last 10, tying another of those games as well, Detroit will have to play pretty well to keep up with the Sedins. 

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.