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Week 16 NFL Picks & Coverage For Broncos-Texans: Is It Over Yet?

The Houston Texans (5-9) head to the Mile High City to meet the Denver Broncos (3-11) on Sunday.

Both Houston and Denver did not foresee being in a game that was more about draft positioning and talent evaluation at the beginning of the 2010 NFL season, but that is where they are. The ineptitude of Houston's defense has ruined their season while Denver has seen coaching changes and injuries derail their playoff hopes.

For either team, a win would be a nice bit of reprieve. A Houston loss could be the nail in Gary Kubiak's coffin. ESPN hasn't gotten their picks in while Yahoo is currently split 1-1 and CBS has it 4-1 Houston.

It's the 3:15 PM CT game on CBS, so you can sleep in or sleep through the game. Your usual suspects will pick up the radio: Sports Radio 610 AM, 100.3 KILT FM and La Tremenda 1010 AM if you prefer Spanish.

The betting line is giving the road Texans 2.5 points at the moment.

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