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What's On Television Today: December 25th, 2010

Merry Christmas to you and yours from this hollowed out corner of the internet.

It turns out that the spirits talked to TV executives earlier in December and decided that all anyone wanted for Christmas this year was basketball games. Plus a Dallas-Arizona football game to play the role of coal in stocking. So go hit that jump if you want that schedule, or suddenly realize that you're looking at a sports website on Christmas and feel some shame. Either way, we already have your hit!

Miami Heat @ Los Angeles Lakers -- ABC, 4 PM -- If you want to know how predictable this game was, I actually typed in Cleveland vs. LA in advance, then realized LeBron James left.
Boston Celtics @ Orlando Magic -- ABC, 1:30 PM -- Bill Simmons Christmas wish was to be able to poke holes in Dwight Howard.
Chicago Bulls @ New York Knicks -- ESPN, 11 AM -- No word on how hard ESPN will push to make this a rivalry, but I hear they're planning to make one of the Bulls sleep with a Knicks cheerleader.

Denver Nuggets @ Oklahoma City Thunder -- ESPN, 7 PM -- It's a northwest division showdown! Kevin Durant versus grieving Carmelo Anthony's Nuggets. It could be a blowout!
College Basketball: Washington St. Cougars vs. Butler Bulldogs -- ESPN2, 8:30 PM -- The reason they won't let Washington State be on national television until after dark? Their coach is named Ken Bone.
College Basketball: Baylor Bears vs. Florida St. Seminoles -- ESPN2, 6:30 PM -- Scott Drew, Chris Singleton, and Xavier Gibson. Who are three people who have never been in Derwin Kitchen?

Dallas Cowboys @ Arizona Cardinals -- NFL Network, 6:30 PM -- Jon Kitna! Whoever the Cardinals are starting at quarterback! It's the NFL on Christmas, and we didn't think to involve Tim Tebow on his birthday!

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.