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What's On Television Today: December 26th, 2010

Alright guys, Christmas is over, you're allowed to actually play sports games again. Crank it up for another fine NFL Sunday. Only two more weeks of Texans football to deal with before they start playing games that actually matter again!

Top 3 Worst Christmas Presents I've Ever Received Version:

Game Gear
New York Giants @ Green Bay Packers -- FOX, 3:15 PM -- It's bad news, I'm afraid Joe Buck will eschew spending time with his family to actually broadcast a game. Shockingly, it involves an NFC East team. I know you're surprised.
Houston Texans @ Denver Broncos -- CBS, 3:15 PM -- Tebow mania is running wild as these two teams battlefight their hearts out to keep away from The Winner's Curse.

A masculine manicure set
Minnesota Vikings @ Philadelphia Eagles -- NBC, 7:20 PM -- If you thought Bob Costas' nipples were hard in Baseketball, just wait till you see them in this weather! Plus a special side helping of FavreFavreFavreFavreFavre.
College Basketball: Richmond Spiders @ Seton Hall Pirates --, 11 AM -- Playing the day after Christmas is a surefire way to ensure you'll be the only team on the airwaves. Good move, Richmond!

Alex Jones' The Obama Deception
San Francisco 49ers @ St. Louis Rams -- FOX, noon -- I'm not making this up: this is your only game in the noon time slot if you don't have Sunday Ticket. At least if the Christmas sweets have paralyzed you you'll have a little more time to get ready for real football.
Little Casear's Bowl: Fla. International Golden Panthers vs. Toledo Rockets -- ESPN, 7:30 PM -- If they actually played this game in a Little Casear's, I'd be more inclined to watch.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.