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And That Was That...Steve Francis Cut In China

After just six games, Steve Francis has been waived by the Beijing Shougang Ducks.

Francis played a total of 14 minutes, averaging .5 points and .7 rebounds a game; such a move pretty much puts an end to Stevie Franchise, once a fan favorite in Houston.

Francis was upset with his role on the team, which is nothing new. No quote can better summarize the once All-Star, once poster child of NBA Live, Coach Min said:

"Yesterday, the whole team practiced, but only [Francis] went to go spend Christmas with his family...this afternoon I was still speaking with him, I wanted to find him a conditioning coach to work him out for a bit.  But he said to me that he needs to play in games, not practice…"

More after the jump, including a video of Francis waiving his middle finger to the crowd in China. Yeah, that happened.

It'd be hard to argue that this isn't rock bottom for Steve Francis.

I can't really imagine things getting much worse for him, barring some crazy accident in his personal life. Bust basektball is over for Steve Francis. Let me say that one for time for you Mr. Franchise, organized professional basektball is no longer an option.

His antics were not upheld in America, and it appears as though China is done with Francis too. At least I would be, if he gave me the finger:

Fast forward 00:38.

I really wanted the best for Francis, he was a joy to watch. Unfortunately his prime is summed up by feeding Kelvin Cato rather than winning.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.