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What's On Television Today: December 28th, 2010

Are you ready for some belated-for-the-second-week-due-to-extreme-weather FOOTBALL!!!!!

I'm not. Then again, I also just don't think the Vikings are worth a primetime slot anymore. If only Brett Favre would just retire, this would be so much easier.

Final Fantasy 6
Minnesota Vikings @ Philadelphia Eagles -- NBC, 7:00 PM -- Lets try this again. (Casts Exit.)
Los Angeles Lakers @ San Antonio Spurs -- NBA TV, 7:30 PM -- I smell a Western Conference Finals preview! Assuming that someone casts Toad on the Lakers to get them back to normal.
Insight Bowl -- Missouri Tigers vs. Iowa Hawkeyes -- ESPN, 9 PM -- Iowa is extremely dangerous since they can attack at full strength from the back row.

Final Fantasy 9
Birmingham City vs. Manchester United -- ESPN2, 2 PM -- United, much like that annoying part of the game set in a volcano for no reason, always seem to be publicized way too much.
College Basketball -- Minnesota Golden Gophers @ Wisconsin Badgers -- ESPN2, 6 PM -- Much like a low-level spell, look for these teams to be awesome for 8 weeks and totally worthless when it really matters. 

Final Fantasy 4
Boston Bruins @ Tampa Bay Lightning -- Versus, 6:30 PM -- Which Lightning will show up? Lit1, Lit2, or Lit3?
Champs Sports Bowl -- West Virginia Mountaineers vs. N.C. State Wolfpack -- ESPN, 6:30 PM -- If only WVU had Adamant...then they'd be a top tier Big East power. 

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.