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What's On Television Today: December 3rd, 2010

We have become conditioned to mediocrity.

What else can be said when the Texans giving up 34 points barely registers a blip on the radar screen? I predicted the Eagles to score 35 before the game, and was not at all disappointed. The good news, I guess, is that we only have to put up with this team and it's infuriating defensive scheme and talent for four more games before we get to head into the offseason and watch the Texans not sign any defensive players. Again.

On that happy note, hit the jump for some TV listings. 

Vic Fangio
-Houston Rockets @ Memphis Grizzlies -- 7 PM, Fox Sports Southwest -- Two teams that recently dispatched the Lakers get together before tens of fans in Memphis.
-Chicago Bulls @ Boston Celtics -- 7 PM, ESPN -- You knew we couldn't get through a few days without the Boston Celtics being on ESPN again, right?

Richard Smith
-Serie A -- Lazio vs. Internazionale -- 1:45 PM, Fox Soccer Channel -- When it comes to singularly named players, Matuzalem has to be up there amongst the coolest. 
- MAC Championship College Football -- Northern Illinois Huskies vs. Miami (Ohio) RedHawks -- 6:00 PM, ESPN2 -- This one is for all the marbles! The marbles, of course, being the Motor City Bowl.

Frank Bush
- College Basketball -- St. Joseph's Hawks vs. Villanova Wildcats -- 7:30 PM, ESPNU -- St. Joseph's may not win this game, but at least Jameer Nelson has had a better career than Scottie Reynolds.
- Dallas Mavericks @ Utah Jazz -- 9:30 PM, ESPN -- This is one of the games where instead of rooting for either side, you root for a meteor.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.