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Kris Brown To Sign With Cowboys...Good Luck...With That

After spending eight seasons with the Texans, and another with the Chargers, Kris Brown appears to be taking his talents to Dallas. Brown will join the Cowboys for the last game of the season, but the transaction was made for the 2011-2012 season.


Brown will be brought in to give David Buehler some competition, but you have to wonder whether or not Brown counts as "competition". Sure, he's a veteran in the sense that he's been in the league for nearly a decade, but he's not a veteran in the sense that he's never really been in a truly big game.


I have to say that I like this move. Mainly because I don't like the Cowboys, and well, signing Kris Brown can't be all that productive for them. Next signee for them should be Dave Ragone. 

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