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Texans Offseason: Who Will The Texans Target?

Lance Zierlein of the Houston Chronicle is your one-stop shop for early Texans free agency rumors. The first one? That we might see Pittsburgh Steelers CB Ike Taylor be their number one free agent target:

There are whispers in the Steelers locker room that CB Ike Taylor could be the Houston Texans primary free agent target this offseason.

The Texans obviously need a #1 cornerback with some experience, so the fit makes sense, although I think a plurality of fans would rather have someone better. Like say, Champ Bailey. Still, Taylor has been the top corner on a pair of Super Bowl winners. Not too shabby. Taylor has defensed 99 passes and picked off 11 in eight seasons with the Steelers thus far.

The other rumor is that if the Wade Phillips 3-4 shift comes to the forefront, the Texans will have to go out and grab a nose tackle to stuff the run. Zierlein's first thought on that? How about Minnesota NT Pat Williams?

I have no doubt that the Texans can switch to a 3-4, but they need some time in the offseason. Look for Pat Williams to come in as NT.

Williams, ageless in NFL terms at 38, is a 14-year-veteran that has helped the Vikings be one of the best run-stopping 4-3's in the business over the last six years. He nearly retired last year, so it might take some coinvincing (see what I did there?) to get him on the team. But as long as he doesn't fall off the age cliff, he would be a solid fit at nose for the Texans, at least until they can develop their own guy. 

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