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What's On Television Today: December 4th, 2010

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Ladies and germs,

Today marks another day of college football madness. Oregon and Auburn are both playing, TCU is sitting in the corner playing it's role as disaffected emo kid, and I guess some other teams could conceivably be playing for position. I'm not sure why, as we all know it's a given that Oregon and Auburn will win, right? Right. No doubt about it. Just don't tell TCU, he's a little bitter about the whole thing and he smells of smoke anyway. Trust me, you don't want to get to close to that kid.

On with it...

AP/Coaches Poll Naming A Champion
- SEC College Football Championship -- (1) Auburn Tigers vs. (19) South Carolina Gamecocks -- CBS, 3 PM -- Marcus Lattimore will try to singlehandedly defeat the Tigers. Or at least have Cameron Newton declared ineligible at halftime.
- College Football - (2) Oregon Ducks @ Oregon St. Beavers -- ABC, 2:30 PM -- They call it a civil war, and while you might think it hasn't earned that name, think about the kinds of football riots that go on in England and the rest of Europe. See? Seems much more civil now.
- Big XII College Football Championship -- (13) Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. (9) Oklahoma Sooners -- ABC, 7 PM -- The winner of this game might get an automatic BCS berth, but Texas A&M is confused by that, because it's looking at the scoreboard.

Split Champion
- College Basketball - Kentucky Wildcats @ North Carolina Tar Heels -- CBS, 11:30 AM -- If you can't stand college football, here's a traditional power matchup that should get you going early on today.
- EPL -- Chelsea vs. Everton -- ESPN2, 9 AM -- I'd like to say that I picked this game on it's own merits, but Roman Abramovich actually bought this spot. And this whole post. Did I mention that Chelsea FC are the greatest club in the history of the planet? Now I'm off to do some Christmas shopping. Maybe I'll pick up Didier Drogba if he's not too expensive.

-Conference USA College Football Championship -- SMU Mustangs vs. Central Florida Knights -- ESPN2, 11 AM -- The winner of this game is making big plans...all the way to the Liberty Bowl to face a third-tier SEC school.

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