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What's On Television Today: December 6th, 2010

Freezing in Houston. Cats living with dogs. Workout routines interrupted. Christmas coming soon. A chance to add another layer of blubber to yourself that you'll have to work really hard to get off. Or cheat with a gastro-band or something like that.

Which segues nicely to Rex Ryan...

Family Guy (Season 2+3)
New York Jets @ New England Patriots -- ESPN, 7:30 PM -- If you already had a lethal overdose of Tom Brady Love on Thanksgiving, this should be just the amount needed to put you to sleep for the night.
Catching up on your sleep -- Anytime after work -- It's just smart, given this lineup.

Family Guy (Season 1)
EPL -- Liverpool vs. Aston Villa -- ESPN2, 2 PM -- Imagine that: a team owned by John Henry getting to be on ESPN more than they deserve to be. 
Serie A -- Napoli vs. Palermo --, 1:40 PM -- I knew Mike Napoli was tough, but I didn't know that he could take on an entire football team by himself.
San Jose Sharks @ Detroit Red Wings -- Versus, 6:30 PM -- The one sport San Jose has versus the one sport Detroit is currently good at.

Family Guy post-comeback
College Basketball -- Alcorn St. Braves vs. Kansas St. Wildcats --, 7 PM -- Jacob Pullen versus a winless lower conference team. Seems totally fair.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.