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What's On Television Today: December 7th, 2010

As the NFL tide retreats into the sea, only to be replaced on Thursday by the kiddie wave that is Titans-Colts, we're left in basketball land now. And for once, that might not be the worst thing. The Rockets have started to play competently, the college season is starting to heat up, and time in indoor arenas is always good during the winter.

And just think about how easier the season will be to get into once the NFL has a lockout. What's that, the NBA is having a lockout too? They already tried that in 1999 and it didn't work. I hate reruns.

The Montreal Expos
Detroit Pistons @ Houston Rockets -- 7:30 PM, Fox Sports Houston -- The McGrady-Yao grudge match you've all been waiting for. The one where they stare at each other from the opposing bench and try to crush each other with the weight of their minds. Okay, okay, this probably won't be fun to watch. But at least there's a good chance the Rockets win.
UEFA Champions League -- Manchester United vs. Valencia -- 1:45 PM, Fox Soccer Channel -- What kind of crazy scandal can Wayne Rooney get himself into before this match? Can it involve ping pong, like the one World Cup commercial?
College Basketball -- Michigan St. Spartans vs. Syracuse Orange -- 8 PM, ESPN -- I've got high hopes that the name "Mookie Jones" eventually makes an NBA roster. Oh, and I guess Kalin Lucas is pretty good too.

The Seattle Sonics
College Basketball -- Kansas Jayhawks vs. Memphis Tigers -- 6 PM, ESPN -- Bill Self has precious little time to whip Brady Morningstar and company into a championship contender before he loses in the Elite Eight again.

The Cleveland Browns
Golden State Warriors @ Dallas Mavericks -- 7:30 PM, NBA TV -- I don't care how long the Mavericks win streak is, they're still from Dallas and still deserve your censure.
Buffalo Sabres @ Boston Bruins -- 6:30 PM, Versus -- Cam Neely and Ted Donato were killer in Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey. But so was Mike Peca!

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.