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Oh T-Mac...So Naive

Dear Mr. Tracy McGrady,

Hi. How are you?

We haven't talked in quite a while, but congrats on, uh, that 1-year deal with the Detroit Pistons.

You see, Tracy, I cheered for you. I cheered for you when you were good, and I cheered for you when you, well, weren't. I backed you up in so many petty arguments, even when you rode the pine, even when it looked as though you didn't care.

I even cheered for you even when you left. I hoped you would do well with the Pistons, and I hoped you would be traded to a real contender. Why? Because I, like other Houstonians, are naturally good, kind-hearted people. We're not like those New Yawkers who chew up and spit out their players.

But I do not appreciate this, to say the least.

"I want to know who they're blaming around here now that I'm gone." 

Maybe this is why you never really "got it" in Houston. Like I said earlier, we don't play the blame game. Unless you're Frank Bush and have the best offense in the league.

But, basketball is a team game--something you apparently just do not understand. And for that reason, any blame goes on the team--not one player, not one coach, and certainly not one General Manager (Your my boy, D.M.).

I hope all goes well for you, T-Mac, because I still remember the days when you were better than Kobe. 


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