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What's On Television Today: Dec. 9, 2010

The answer is still: mostly nothing. 

No Rockets, No Texans, No Astros, No Dynamo. No Rice or UH Hoops. No College Football. 

It's me, you, the NBA/NCAA hoopsters that are playing, and an ugly (if meaningful for the Texans playoff hopes) duckling Indianapolis-Tennessee match where there are no real winners.

Finish up the Christmas shopping. Trust me. 

Gerry Hunsicker
Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans -- 7:20 PM, NFL Network -- In case you didn't hate everything about watching this game enough, Joe Thiesmann and Matt Millen will make you want to hurt yourself. 
College Basketball -- Butler Bulldogs @ Xavier Musketeers -- 8 PM, ESPN2 -- Coincidentally, my butler is named Xavier.

Tim Purpura
Orlando Magic @ Portland Trail Blazers -- 9:30 PM, TNT -- I mean, I guess it's cool that the Blazers are so beat up that Patty Mills is getting run, but that's not going to make me turn on the TV. 
Boston Celtics @ Phiadelphia 76ers -- 7 PM, TNT -- Yeah, I'm sure this one will be real close. Evan Turner, like most good villains, is in hiding. 
Florida Panthers @ Washington Capitals -- 6 PM, Versus -- If you've kept up with these posts, you are probably aware that most of my knowledge of hockey begins and ends with people I saw play in the Olympics and Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey. Even despite that, I think this game might be better than the two NBA games.

Ed Wade
College Basketball -- (10) Georgetown Hoyas @ Temple Owls -- 8 PM, ESPN -- Gonna be honest, watching Temple without the threat of accidentally having to look at Don Chaney is nice. 

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