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Jersey Lore: A Storyboard Photo Essay

The Rockets have had their share of good looking and just plain abysmal jerseys over the years. We brought in an ordinary American family to answer just which look (real or fictitious) was the Rockets' best of all-time.


Dad: Remember when looking at a sharp basketball jersey for our favorite team was as simple as finding a sane column in the Houston Chronicle's sports section?


Mom: Don't forget, at one point they looked like pajamas.


Son: I want them to be yellow


Dad: Man, back when they were fire engine red. Wow-weee were those suhweet!


Mom: But they also need to be practical! Having actual astronauts reveal them in outer space makes a world of sense! Ed. note -- Image sadly unavailable, but as the article confirmed, this actually happened.


Son: Remember when the Rockets didn't intimidate and bully people for having internet bulletin boards with names that vaguely infringe on a trademark based on a nickname? *a single tear drips down his cheek*


Dad: I miss the days when shorts... Well they were shorts. No one judged me at the Y back then.


Mom: That's all people did when you played in those pick up games. *shakes head*


Son: Mom, Dad, I found them!

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.