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Will This Be The Last Year Of Daniels In Houston?

Battle Red Blog speculates it just might:

So at least one more year in H-Town for OD. Question is whether he’s here in 2011. Given the situation at TE and OD’s desire for the security of a big money, long-term deal, I’m guessing this is the last year we have the privilege of watching OD ply his trade as a Texan. Agree?

I’ve got no counter-argument. The only way I can see Daniels back in Houston at this point is if he gets hurt again and his value tumbles so low that GM Rick Smith can’t help but take the upside risk. Even then, Daniels might prefer to try his luck with another club since long-term contract talks have been going nowhere with the Texans ever since he first qualified for restricted free agency.

Not to mention the fact that the Texans can’t seem to go even one draft without snagging another tight end (Anthony Hill, James Casey, Garrett Graham) to add to the arsenal.

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