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Roy O.: "I'll Go Anywhere." But Will He?

The Astros ace told Danny Knobler of Friday evening that location, league, and anything beyond being a playoff contender don't really matter to him when it comes to his recent request to being dealt.

"Location doesn't matter," the Astros ace said Friday. "It's only for a year and a half."

Roy Oswalt says he'd be willing to pitch in either league.

"Actually, I'd be excited to pitch over here [in the American League]," he said. "Everybody keeps bragging that it's better."

Knobler goes onto speculate that whether he goes anywhere at all still remains very much up in the air. The $15 and $16 million dollars he's owed the next two years continue to be a heavy stumbling block and limiter in terms of which teams will be able to get into the discussions.

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