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Stephen Strasburg Is Not Brian Moehler In Many Ways

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I can't be the only person eyeballing the D.C. metro area with a certain working disdain for their recent embarrassment of young riches. First Alex Ovechkin, then Stephen Strasburg, now Bryce Harper, and in a few weeks, John Wall. While there's no guarantee any or all of these will translate directly into championship realities for the District, having that much aggregated budding superstar talent in a range of zip codes hardly seems fair.


The aforementioned Strasborg/StrasJeezus/etc. makes his second major league start in what will also be his first road outing. Worry not, Houstonians. The Astros answer the StrasMagic at the same time as the nationally televised Nats game with Brian Moehler. Whereas Strasburg struck out 14 last Tuesday, in his respective debut, Moehler K'd ... one. However, Strasburg was tagged for two earned runs whereas Moehler was charged with zero! He, did, however allow five unearned runs, but that's neither here nor there. Did I mention Moehler broke into the bigs in 1996? I'd rather eat 14-year frozen steak than veal any day.


And much like an aged, fine wine, further proof of the extent of Moehler's pitching prowess can be extrapolated from this gloriously math-y CubsFX' scatter thing:




The various colors make up the 6 pitches comprising Moehler's arsenal. What the graph means, I leave to you, the intrepid, far more analytical mind than I. However, I'm pretty sure it means that hype isn't everything. This means you wunderkind.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.