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Vikings Looking To Spin Rosenchopper?

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When the Texans traded Sage Rosenfels to the Vikings for a fourth round pick, he was considered a bargain bin quarterback who could hold down the job while second round pick Tarvaris Jackson learned and figured out the game. Fast forward a year later and the Vikings found some geezer to be their quarterback, Jackson has clearly taken over the second spot, and Rosenfels is one of the most overpaid third quarterbacks in the league. I guess thats what happens when you value fungible assets!

And now?  Things are so bad that the Vikings gave Rosenfels' offseason snaps to a sixth-round draft pick and are looking to deal him: 

The Vikings could look to move Rosenfels for a late-round draft pick before camp opens, especially if they become 100 percent convinced Favre is going to return and his surgically repaired left ankle is good to go.

You know, the Texans weren't enamored with Dan Orlovsky last offseason, and Sage had his share of supporters here when Matt Schaub was getting hurt more often than fans would like to see.  Perhaps they would think about reacquiring him?




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