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Ain't No Place Like Home: Texas Reportedly Nearing Deal To Stay In Big 12

Pac-16? Perhaps, but first, the Texas Longhorns want to see if they can salvage the Big 12.

Pete Thamel of the New York Times is reporting that the Longhorns are nearing a deal that will keep a ten-team Big 12 in place.

"Things are trending in a favorable direction for the Big 12 today," the athletic director said. "It looks like Texas is getting ready to commit to the Big 12.

"They're going to make a long-term commitment and basically accept the Beebe television proposal."

The athletic director said an announcement could come as early as Monday afternoon.

A few days prior to this report, ESPN had reported that the Longhorns, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State were headed to the Pac-10, and that two more schools were likely to follow. If Texas were to instead stay in the Big 12, then the three other schools would likely stand pat as well.

More on this to follow, especially since the report claims that the announcement could come this afternoon. Which is basically now.

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