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The Astros' W-RROD Problem



A year ago Wandy Rodriguez netted a 3.02 ERA, 1.24 WHIP, and an absurd 193 K's. After just 3 innings' work this evening, the Astros lefty now possesses a 6.09 ERA and a frightening 1.67 WHIP.


Whether it's an injury of the between the ears variety or something explicitly to do with mechanics, W-Rod is now seemingly incapable of working his way out of duress. In fact, when you're routinely serving up the pu pu platter to the likes of Justin Smoak, it's time to all of us to start wondering if the 31 year old (breaking into the big leagues at 26 will, uh, do that) is entering into a premature twilight of his career.


Now all I need to know is if there's an as-is after market on eBay so I can trade in and buy the shiny new left handed pitcher they announced last week.

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