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The Power Of TV Compels You: What's On Television Saturday, June 19

TV is the devil, or so I was raised to believe. Yet here I still am all these years later wasting inordinate amounts of my free time sitting in front of a glowing, ominous portal that leads me to buy things I have absolutely no business purchasing. Shoot, maybe I'm the one in need of an exorcism? Regardless, your best bet to starve off the greater evils in this world, such as crocodiles and blimp disasters, is to take your chances and diligently observe these fine sporting programs:


World Cup
9:00 a.m., ESPN - Ghana vs. Austrailia - Group D.
1:30, ABC - Cameroon vs. Denmark - Group E.

Major Leauge Baseball
3:00, Fox - Dodgers at Red Sox.
6:05, Fox Sports Houston - Rangers at Astros.


College Baseball - College World Series
1:00, ESPN - TCU vs. Florida State.
6:00, ESPN - Florida vs. UCLA.


3:30, NBC - Third round of The U.S. Open Championship.

Mixed Martial Arts
8:00, Spike - The Ultimate Fighter: Matt Hamill vs. Keith Jardine.


Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.