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In Game: Dynamo Charities Cup - Houston v. CD Aguila

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Welcome to tonight's coverage of the Dynamo Charities Cup in Houston, Texas.

The second installment of the annual friendly sees the Dynamo taking on CD Aguila of El Salvador. Last year's Charities Cup was a scrappy game with players getting injured on both teams.

The Dynamo are using tonight's game as a chance to see trialists Anthony Obodai, Juan Manuel Quevedo, and Kendall Waston in action.  All three players bring different skills that, unfortunately, the Dynamo need right now. Hopefully Houston can use this friendly to work on the consistency issues that have plagued the MLS campaign.

Here are tonight's starting line-ups.

Houston Dynamo 

Tally Hall (GK)

Richard Mulrooney (D) 

Ryan Cochrane (D) 

Kentall Waston (D) 

Craig Waibel (D) 

Francisco Navas Cobo (M) 

Juan Manuel Quevedo (M) 

Anthony Obodai (M) 

Corey Ashe (M) 

Joseph Ngwenya (F) 

Cam Weaver (F) 

CD Aguila

Miguel Montes (GK)

William Cabrera (D)

Miguel Hernandez (D)

Isaac Zeleya (D)

Ernesto Iraheta (D)

Shawn Martin (M)

Kevin Moreno (M)

William Alegria (M)

Francisco Jovel (M)

Rudis Corrales (F)

Nelson Reyes (F)

Aguila are in their super nice looking orange and black striped kits, something the Dynamo could use next season when they change shirt designs.  Houston are playing in all white tonight.  

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.