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Drinking & Tweeting Made Easy: By Antonio Smith

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To celebrate Father's Day, Antonio Smith apparently got blackout drunk with a beer syringe. For the first time, too. To look for answers on how to approach this strange phenomenon, Smith went straight to Twitter, hoping that loyal followers might enlighten him on how to handle drinking so much.

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Regarding the most recent tweet: Hmm, good question, Antonio. If this is indeed your first time getting blackout drunk, and if you grew up to be a professional football player (and a pretty good one at that), then yes, I would assume that you were a good boy, to say the least.

It's rather disappointing that Smith either A) Turned off his computer and went to bed, or B) Passed out on the keyboard before he could ask any more questions, perhaps about the existentialist views of Rudolph Bultmann or how Pacific salmon manage to migrate thousands of miles upstream to their original birthplace. Guess that's just wishful thinking.

To be fair, I'm sure Smith wasn't fully aware what getting 'blackout drunk' actually meant. No worries - many have confused this before.


Ah, yes. The more you know...

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