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Serioux Misses Six In A Row

Adrian Serioux was not listed on Houston’s roster for this past weekend’s Dynamo Charities Cup against Salvadoran side CD Aguila. The former MLS Cup winning defender has now missed all of the Dynamo’s last six games.

One has to wonder if Serioux has seen the last of his time with the Houston Dynamo and will soon be released. The club currently is trying out Anthony Obodai who plays in the defensive midfielder position, the same position Adrian currently backs-up. With Lovel Palmer starting and playing well, Richard Mulrooney’s ability to fill in at CDM when needed, along with Obodai’s solid trial, it simply does not make sense to keep a player around who is not starting and has not played in over a month.

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Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.