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Hmm, So That Was Soul Crushing

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It’s hard to find the words on a day like today. World Cup ending 2-1 extra time defeat to the Ghanians, the second cup ending gut punch at their hands in 4 years? Check. Silver Boot cup losing loss to the Rangers for what certainly feels like the infinitieth year in a row? Ugh. Double check.


On the plus, the Texans seem poised to make the proverbial leap, Yao Ming returns to what was a really enjoyable to watch fringe playoff team in 2009/10, and the Dynamo are always a threat to make an MLS Cup run. So it’s surely not all doom and gloom sports-wise in the Bayou City.


But, just… Well simply put, damn. Sure doesn’t make the collective suck of today sting any less.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.