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Willy T Goes To Philly; Astros Fans Rejoice He's Not Houston-Bound

Back in March, when the Reds traded center fielder Willy Taveras to the Oakland A's and he was promptly released, there was talk of Houston being interested. In fact, beat writer Bernardo Fallas suggested that very thing in one of his first blog posts.


That nightmare scenario was just avoided again, as the Philadelphia Phillies recently signed Taveras after he was released by the Washington Nationals. Of course, that just gives Ed Wade another excuse to sign him. We all know how much Wade loves those phormer Phillies.


Why is signing Willy T such a bad idea? Try the fact that he stopped producing three years ago. Or that his only two big league skills are his defense and his speed. If he's not on base or getting hits, his speed stops being an asset. The Astros already have two backup outfielders with skills that translate well onto the field. After all, Cory Sullivan almost won the game Tuesday with that double. Taveras' slugging percentage hasn't been over .300 in two seasons!


No, signing Willy T might make fans nostalgic for that amazing 2005 season, but it won't help this current club.

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