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Oswalt Would Waive No-Trade Clause To Pitch For Nationals

When Roy Oswalt requested to be traded from Houston last month, he made it clear that he wanted to play for a contender. Apparently, he considers the Washington Nationals to fit that description.

Oswalt told the Washington Post that he would gladly waive his no-trade clause in order to pitch for the Nationals.

"They've been playing well," Oswalt said. "They've got a good offensive club. I saw where they have Strasburg coming up. He should make an immediate impact, especially, because no one's seen him in the league, early. There's always a little adjustment period there."

The Nationals are currently in last place in the NL East, though they are only two games below .500. Perhaps Oswalt is looking to the future when discussing the Nats, because, for now, they're likely going to miss the playoffs.

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