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Madden Snubs Will Devastate That One Madden Nation Texans Fan

Gamespot released a list of the team overall ratings in Madden this year. The latest incarnation of the game that insured that no competition would arise by buying the NFL’s exclusive approval has the Texans down 4 overall points, and 2 slots overall.


It was hardly the only big change. The Eagles and Cardinals both went down even more points without their perceived franchise quarterbacks, and the Chargers joined the Texans in a puzzling ratings drop. The Bills also dropped 4 points, but uh…they deserved it? Most teams actually did go down, asides from the bottom feeders which made slight gains. The high went from 94 last year to 92 this year.


Of course, you could also just join me in protesting the exclusive rights by playing a real console football game.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.