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U of H Trending Upwards In The Conference Shakeup?

ABC13’s Bob Slovak insinuates maybe, possibly, potentially, hypothetically the forthcoming massive sea change about to consume the national college football landscape could culminate with U of H upgrading to “deluxe, beach front property” in the form of a shiny, new (ostensibly better) conference. Just whom this mythical great white conference in the sky exactly is, on the other hand, remains more up to speculation:

With the Big Ten looking at the Irish and Nebraska, the Pac 10 at Texas, Texas A&M and Texas Tech, the Cougars could be in position to upgrade their conference standing.

With the Big XII looking to be more and more on borrowed time as each day passes, the question becomes what step up would possibly exist for the founding member of Conference USA.

The Mountain West remains arguably the only conceivable, logical "step up" destination for the Cougs, though just how interested they'd be in the program remains up to scrutiny. Just Tuesday Mountain West Conference commissioner Craig Thompson had this to say on the possibility of the league adding potential Big XII refugee Iowa State:

"Iowa State and San Diego are a long way apart. You're not just going to put the women's volleyball team in a van and drive to San Diego."

With some 1469 miles separating San Diego and Houston, it's no sure thing the league would jump at the chance to get U of H into the mix either.

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